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Hi, I’m Melissa Leitzell the CEO of Golden Key International Honour Society, here to share with you the benefits of joining Golden Key.
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What is Golden Key?

Golden Key is a membership society, that helps its members rally around personal and professional improvement. You've done a great job getting a high GPA, however there are many personal life skills, and professional leadership skills that you'll need. And the great thing is, if you grow professionally, or change careers, in the future, we're still here for you.

Why should I join?

Join a network of respected people, who believe in lifelong learning. Connect and network with others, and learn how to step into the spotlight and be a leader in academic and professional environments.

Are there membership dues?

Similar to other membership societies, we do have a membership fee. It is one-time of $95 USD. Membership gives you Lifetime Access. There are no recurring fees.

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Get the answers to these questions and more in this welcoming info session with Golden Key’s CEO Melissa Leitzell.

During the session she’ll answer questions such as:
What does it mean to become a Golden Key lifetime member?
How does our organization work?
What are the benefits of membership?
What’s Golden Key Academy?
And how will we support you in your life and career?

Any questions or comments contact: support@goldenkey.org

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