Dealing with stress and managing mental health

We are living in particularly stressful times and many of us are not sure how to deal with the challenges life is throwing at us. Whether it’s study and exam related anxiety, workplace or career troubles, issues with family or relationships, pandemic panic, or personal difficulties, there are many reasons why we are all finding life hard to manage right now. Luckily, there are lots of things we can do to manage the stress and live happier lives. Below are a selection of articles and videos created by our GKA Thought Leaders that will give you some useful insight and practical approaches to dealing with difficult times in your life.


How to create a positive mindset

Introduction to Meditation

Accessing calm in the chaos

Meditation for focus

New Motivation Academy – Stress Management Series – Part 3

Protecting your mental health

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New Motivation Academy – Stress Management Series – Part 2

How to form healthy and supportive relationships with those around you

The 5 step blueprint to building and maintaining resilient mental health long term

Meditation for letting go

Thriving in a pandemic – Mental health during the Covid-19 pandemic period

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Be your best self – Part 1: Struggling to be happy?

Maintaining sanity and optimism

Mental health – Stress management through Arts

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UKZN presents Mental Health


5 ways to be more resilient and make the most of a difficult situation

5 fun stress management activities to deal with stress and anxiety

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Fear is your fuel

How to maintain your mental health during hard times

Making positive and sustainable change that works for you

Navigating self doubt using compassion and trust

Step outside of your comfort zone

Tips for taking care of your mental health everyday

The skill in being comfortable with being uncomfortable

Prioritizing your time in a remote environment for improved mental health

A look into Essentialism as defined by Greg McKeown

Managing stress and being able to strike a balance

Take a pause

Why it’s ok to be not ok