How networking can help you achieve your goals

Networking is one of those words that could send a shiver down the spine of many, while for others it is something they enjoy and love to do – much the befuddlement of many. Love or loathe it, networking is undoubtedly a golden key in helping you achieve success in your career.

For students and professionals the skills we use in your everyday life either be group projects or customer relations are the exact same skills that will see you shine at any networking occasion – you just need to know how to make them work to your advantage

Here we take a look at the top four reasons to network your way to career success:

  1. Networking is a great way to make new contacts and ultimately opportunities
  2. Networking raises your profile as a focused graduate/ professional
  3. Networking can support your personal growth objectives
  4. Networking can help you solve key challenges facing your sector/ areas of interest

Some networking tips that I have learned from my mentors and my previous experience are:

  • Figure out what information you want (smart research is a win here)
  • Have an elevator pitch (business cards on the ready would be a cherry on top) – develop a 30 second ‘pitch’ describing who you are and what you do (or want to do). Try to make this pitch as interesting as possible and use it as a conversation starter and to introduce yourself to others. Here the practice and fluency is directly proportional to each other
  • Personal presentation/ e-presentation – This is so important in making the right first impression. Before going to attend networking event either in person or virtually – consider your clothes, how you speak and even how you present on social media (having an updated LinkedIn profile is key here)
  • Listen carefully – When talking to others about your career goals, skills set and what not always be respectful and open to any advice you receive. Try not to interrupt. Show your interest in what people are saying. Nod occasionally, smile, and maintain good posture and positive body language
  • Keep on changing your networking strategies depending on your personal experience

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