Not ready to become a member just yet? No problem! You can still subscribe to Golden Key Academy.

Golden Key Academy is a supportive space of online learning for career + life readiness. It’s created and run by Golden Key International Honour Society. Golden Key members get free access to Golden Key Academy. Or you are welcome to subscribe below for a small monthly fee.

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    Golden Key Academy Subscription

    USD $4.95 / month
How long does a subscription to Golden Key Academy last?

You can access Golden Key Academy via a monthly subscription with no obligation to continue. Once you have paid the fee you have access for a full month. You can cancel at any time. 

What's the difference between a Golden Key membership and a Golden Key Academy subscription?

Membership to Golden Key International Honour Society is only open to students in the top 15% of their university. Once you are a member, you are a member for life and get access to lots of great benefits including Golden Key Academy, our new space of online learning. If you are not eligible to become a member, or choose not to, you are still very welcome to access Golden Key Academy for a small monthly fee. 

What other benefits do I get from being a Golden Key International Honour Society member?

There are so many! You can access exclusive scholarships and discounts from our partners. You can connect with members from all over the world via social media and our events. Give back to your local community through service events run by your local chapter. Gain leadership experience by becoming a Chapter Leader. Find out more on the Golden Key website