Access to Golden Key Leadership and Management Summit 2023 (23rd-27th October) - Guest

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Inspiring and effective leaders are made not born – and it can take a lot of hard work to develop the skills and know-how to do this. 

To support you on whatever stage you’re at in your leadership journey, Golden Key is hosting a Leadership and Management Summit – and you’re invited to join!

Whether you’re currently in a leadership or management position in your university, company or organization or would like to be a future leader one day, this summit will provide you with ideas, skills and practical support to help you to become a better and more confident manager.

When: 23rd-27th October 2023

Who can take part: Anyone can buy a ticket to the summit on the GKA shop.

Note: Access to individual events in the summit is ONLY available to people who have purchased summit access through the GKA shop. Zoom registration lists will be cross-referenced with purchase lists, so please ensure you use the same details to register for individual Zoom sessions as you use here to purchase access.

When you purchase access to this event, you’ll get:

  • The option to sign up for more than a dozen live webinars and workshops throughout the week, all focused on career development
  • Access to networking roundtable sessions to meet other attendees and discuss what you’ve learned
  • Exclusive access to videos of all the sessions, if you want to re-watch or if you miss any live
  • A downloadable summit handbook with worksheets from all the presenters
  • Early access and special discounts for new courses on Golden Key Academy
  • A downloadable certificate of participation for the summit

Note: After purchasing access to this week-long event, you will be sent to a receipt page that will have a button you can click on to access the summit program and sign up for individual sessions.

Sessions in the summit will include:

  1. Webinar: How to rethink climbing the coporate ladder and your management journey
  2. Webinar: You’re already a better leader than you realize
  3. Webinar: Navigating office politics
  4. Webinar: Courageous conversation: Communicating when the stakes are high
  5. Webinar: Shaping successful leadership
  6. Webinar: Resilient leadership: Navigating challenges in HBCU settingswith more to be announced…


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