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Discover books written by Golden Key Academy Thought Leaders:

Stifled: Where Good Leaders Go Wrong

A leader recognizes a person’s potential—a great leader helps develop that potential to its fullest. Golden Key Thought Leader James Wetrich this book which explores the techniques of successful leaders and managers in detail, offering ideas and solutions to all the challenges facing today’s organizations.

Live, Learn, Love: With an Open Heart Life Lessons on Cultivating Healthy and Meaningful Relationships

Golden Key Alumna Teriece Cherell addresses elements for fostering healthy, successful relationships and how it contributes to our overall success and growth as individuals in this inspirational self-help book. Life has many lessons to teach, and through our relationships, we discover who we really are. Through relationships, we realize that the power of choice lies within each of us.

Redefining Normal: How Two Foster Kids Beat The Odds and Discovered Healing, Happiness and Love

Golden Key Thought Leaders Alexis and Justin Black put forward a thoughtful exchange of ideas and personal experiences illustrating how anybody, no matter their backgrounds, can have a life of self-empowerment and joy. If you like honest tales of triumph, refreshing transparency, and resilient faith in God, then you’ll adore Justin and Alexis’ inspirational story.

I Refuse to Let You Give Up: To My Teens Who Feel All Hope Is Gone...

Golden Key Thought Leader LaMarcus Hall has written a book to encourage others who are facing adversity. This book can also be used to empower teenagers who may be suffering from low self-esteem, picked on for being smart, or one who cannot determine their future. Never give up! See it through!

Hollywood Horrors: Murders, Scandals, and Cover-Ups from Tinseltown

Golden Key Thought Leader Andrea Van Landingham created this collection of stories that takes you on a journey into the golden age, illuminating the space between the airy fantasy and the gritty reality of life in Hollywood. It’s magical, it’s ugly and dirty, it’s the land of dreams…it’s Hollywood.

Welcome to parenthood: How to design a fabulous family life

“Suni has laid the foundations for frank and open conversations with ourselves, our partners and our children, to define and build rock solid relationships as we travel through life together. What I perhaps love most is that while it’s packed with suggestions on WHAT to do and how to build a strong and fabulous family dynamic from day dot, it emphasizes the need for us to look after our needs as an individual along the way. A book every parent should read.”~ Alexx Stuart, Author and Founder of Low Tox Life

The College Strategy: How Ambitious Students Create Workplace Value While on Campus

Golden Key Thought Leader Linnita Hosten established this toolkit to help students develop a career success plan while on their college campus. The book teaches students how to create, utilize & nurture valuable connections; seek, establish & manage leadership roles; and pursue, prepare & procure workplace opportunities.

Get It Journal

Golden Key Thought Leader Lisa Walker-Holloway designed the Get It Journal to help you take your dreams to reality. The journal uses a 3-D formula to help you picture your dreams in a way that you can reach out, touch them and get them. 

Get It Done: The Journey to Entrepreneurship from Idea to Open

This will provide you with the necessary tools to create an excellent plan for your new or existing business. Don’t let the lack of information keep you from starting a business. Get It Done the right way.

Go Far: How Endurance Sports Help You Win At Life

Endurance sports can help personally and professionally as they teach us how to take on adversity, handle challenges, combat stress, and have fun. Learn to cultivate what you have in order to find adventure in everyday life and use the skills you uncover to help you win and go far.

Home at the Office: Working Remotely as a Way of Life

Golden Key Alumna Barbori Garnet shares how you can enjoy the rewards of freedom, flexibility, and independence found by working remotely. This book will help you work remotely through any age and stage of life, understand the work-from-home mindset, and learn the skills and character traits needed for remote work.

You Can Also Achieve Greatness

Do you desire to achieve greatness but do not know how? Greatness is not preserved for some people, everybody can achieve greatness.

Dream Notes: My Daily Dream Journal

Golden Key Thought Leader Lisa Walker-Holloway created this Dream themed notebook to provide a space dedicated to capture dreams before turning them into goals. It serves as a special place to capture thoughts, and keep daily reflections, goals and to do lists, top of mind.

Sincerely Speaking Spiritually

An inspirational and uplifting text for your reading, uplifting, and meditating on God’s words. It shows principles to solve problems, and living a purposeful life. 

In Pursuit of Divine Purpose

Do you desire to live a life of purpose but do not know how? In this book, Joyce shares her journey in her pursuit of divine purpose. 

Trust: Moving Forward When You Don't Have All the Answers

Too often, as we go through life, we hide the scars of our most painful experiences. Because we’ve chosen to hide, we deny ourselves the ability to heal through shared experience and connectivity with others who know exactly what we feel, felt, and found.

So You Want to be a CSI

This book is a manual and guide for the varying aspects of crime scene processing written by three former CSIs. It contains technical and anecdotal steps encountered in our often hectic and graphic scene attendance. 

The Rising of Empathos

Ava has her life turned upside down when she embarks on a wild, life-threatening adventure to a bizarre, futuristic land known as Esperanza. If Ava can survive on Esperanza, she might start to unravel the truth about her missing Mum, and discover the answer to who she is.

No Flag is a Good Flag

No Flag is a Good Flag is a story for adults who sense that our freedoms are slowly being restricted, and who believe creative writing still has a place to defend them.

Exposé: A Blessing In Disguise

Take a journey with Kagiso as he faces and conquers the atrocities associated with societal conformities. He exposes the misconceptions about the LGBTIQ+ community.

The Yellow Dinghy Cafe

When Jasmine, Cybelle and Michaela finish high school, they go their separate ways, but the distance between them is no match for the secrets, fears and hopes that bind them together.  Throw in a stalker, a dust storm and a family on the run and you have a real page-turner! 

Ivy Lee's Rue

This story follows Ivy Lee, a warm, compassionate, joyous woman from her childhood in rural North Carolina.  When a life altering “condition” consumed her, she reached a crossroad. Family secrets and hushed decisions kept the one thing she loved out of reach.

This is Us Now

This Is Us Now is the story of two young people navigating a relationship in the most extraordinary circumstances. They’re faced with the hardest decision: when you feel like you are losing someone you love, do you hold on or do you let go forever?

Adventures of a Ninja Priest

People from malevolent secret organizations seek wealth and power.  Two Ninja Priests, Sardis and Ephesia, serve to protect their people and have no idea how entrenched their enemies are into the government or how personal the fight will become.

The Haunting Storm of 1900

A first-year medical student encounters local legends of pirates, hellhounds, and spectral voices, and must make a life-altering decision: does he believe in these supernatural happenings, or not? Based on the real tall tales of Jean Lafitte, immerse yourself in an authentic turn of the century island setting, and prepare for a haunting-good time.

Flint of Dreams

Flint Of Dreams chronicles the life and the evolution of spirit of Asa Flint, a young Seneca Iroquois with a jaded past and a hidden destiny that puts his own spirit against that of a powerful and evil opponent.

The Bardan Tale

During a hunt, Routet and Ailith become separated from the hunting party they lead. As they return to join the others, they are drawn away from the path into a strange, mesmerizing world once known only from old legends and sought out for centuries.

The Crystal Channelers and the Last Reincarnation

There comes a time on Earth for all life to be renewed, and for past truths to be known. Following the lives of six seemingly normal Australians, this globetrotting, time-travelling set of books is certain to rivet anyone who relishes richly drawn characters, unrestrained imagination, abundant humour, and a dash of romance.

All About You: 300 Questions of Self-Discovery

With over 300 questions that spark creativity and document your amazing adventures, this book will help you  keep your most important memories organized. Use it as an opportunity to gain perspective on experiences, a great conversation starter, or as a beautiful keepsake for yourself or someone you love.

52-Week Mental Health Journal

With a focused prompt for every day of the year, the 52-Week Mental Health Journal helps you navigate four core pillars of good mental health―calm and resiliency, connection and engagement, goals and purpose, and healthy living―so you can thrive in every area of your life.

The Mandala Way: A Circular Journey Within

Look within and heal yourself as you create personalized mandalas.

The Season and The Spirit

A collection of poems for poetry lovers all over the world. You will follow the poetry through seasons of life and catch the season and the spirit.

Unconscious Memories Volume I: Up to the Dreamer

I write to you vulnerable and amazed by the world of dreams. With great humility, gratitude, and detail, I share my unconscious memories.

Unconscious Memories Volume II: Dream into the Music

This compilation of short stories is the second volume in a series inspired by dream memories. It explores the loss, celebration, toxicity, and enchantment through dreaming about the life passion of musical expression. 

Ribbon Upon A Dream

A wonderful book of poetry that captures the essence of dreams, wishes, and prayers. As the ribbons of your dreams and aspirations tie and influence your behaviors, enjoy the journey.

Poems of Love and Hope

The poems were written with the purpose to spread the message that, even during this time of isolation and seemingly ever-present social unrest, love and hope still exist. Through poetry, I tell my personal love story and express my faith in God, a faith that produces hope for the present and the future.

A Web of Knots

This is a collection of poems connected like a web, knotted with the different experiences of life.

Spoken Word of a Pearl: The System

This work of art was written to celebrate the hard work and dedication of individuals who work in the system. It was written to encourage the hard-working folk to never given up, despite how often your worth goes unrecognized. 

Spoken Word of a Pearl: Raw

This work of art is dedicated to those who are resilient. It is dedicated to the dreamer and for the individuals who persevere in spite of their fragility. This is dedicated to the individual who is classified as an undefined variant of a being; living life without being boxed in.

A Chance for Love

Can one woman overcome her past, medical challenges, and find love? She can if she finds her inner strength and overcomes the obstacles to true happiness.

Invisible: A Perte de Vue: Volume One

Finally, an American spy story that shows what’s happening now. The main character Wilhelm gives the reader a unique look at modern spying.  Readers will find this novel is a refreshing change from period pieces and cliché super heroes.

House of the Flying Snakes: Operation Algorithm: Volume 2

In this second volume of the Libertaire saga, the spy master takes us on a mission in the land of the Flying Snakes-Angola. In conjunction with Libertaire’s ongoing war with the Council of Five he faces the Chinese and the ruthless Major Yuan. 

Chew The Orange Rind

This suspenseful short-story is about the occult based in St. Louis Missouri during the early 20th century. A mystery about goblin treasure, this thriller is sure to amuse.

United New Africa: Book One

After the deadly viral pandemic of 2025 that killed sixty percent of the world’s population, a small group of survivors in Seattle, Washington find themselves in conflict with the Army of New America. Read about their exciting battles, allies, and triumphs  while struggling to create United New Africa.

Five Days in Tenerife: A Canary Island Love Story

Unleash your dreams as you get into the high-speed action of entanglement in Five Days in Tenerife. Prudence, Will, Marcy and Simon find themselves together on the island of Tenerife in the Canary Islands of Spain off the coast of northwest Africa. 

The Upper Limit

The Upper Limit by Pia Lord is a swift, superbly intellectual, yet romantically driven sci-fi story as twisted as the DNA double helix. This book will take you on a red shifted, time-drifted trip to what might be considered the cosmological horizon of the universe.

Atlantis: The Akashic Trials

Luke and his research team, Indigo Deep, call upon Lee and Austin (live-streamers of their artifact collections) to broadcast the return to what is believed to be the recently discovered island of Atlantis. There, they hope to open the mysterious Hall of Records. However, it is not as simple as turning a key. The group is forced to undergo seven trials designed to test mortal worth. 

Atlantis: The Awakening

Lee is met by the United States Military, bearing a stern demand: shut down the Hall of Records immediately.
Racing against time, Lee must uncover the unimaginable connection between her and the horrors unleashed before it is too late.

Intuition to Fruition: From My Inside to My Outside

My book is a self-reflection, introspection type of piece, based on my experience with health issues and trauma. I hope to offer the insights I’ve learned, along with my journey to help others struggling with feeling stuck or that there’s no step they can take.

Dracula's Guest

When Cammy, Seattle hipster, part-time barista and college student, survives an attack by a pack of vampires, she resolves to learn more about what is going on in the shadows of her city. She discovers is that none other than Dracula himself is involved in vampire abatement efforts.  The unlikely duo bring their disparate skill sets together in an effort to put down a mysterious horde of Hollywood-style vampires.

Incongruent: Travel, Trauma, Transformation

A story of finding ourselves and our personal dharma even in the midst of life’s wreckage, becoming resolute about who we are, what we stand for, and who we want to be in this life. A story of growth, challenge and perseverance, Incongruent inspires readers to dive into their own life journey to consider the possibility that they have more potential than they are currently tapping into.

Millennial Mother Of Five

Millennial Mother of Five is a detailed journey of a millennial mother who had five children between 2013 and 2020 in the United States of America.

The book covers her experiences, from positive pregnancy tests to potty training for each child.

Damnation in Matthew Lewis's the Monk: A Hermeneutic-Phenomenological Approach

When Ambrosio in Matthew Lewis’s gothic masterpiece, The Monk, signs a contract relegating his soul to Satan and eternal damnation, he has reached the culmination of mental anguish, of his self wrestling with his conscience along a defined path to damnation. This book explores this path through the symbols at each step. 

Think Different Save More

You may think that saving money is difficult. However, you can save your hard-earned money by following some simple tips outlined in this book. It is all about thinking differently to save more. 

Return to the Sea: A Guide to Open Water Swimming in Mallorca, Spain

Return to the Sea is a guidebook to open water swimming on the island of Mallorca, Spain. Key concepts in preparation, safety, and equipment are covered. Along the coastline of this island there are exciting easy, intermediate and advanced open water swims.

Return to the Sea II: A Guide to Open Water Swimming in the British Virgin Islands

This book is a new guide to swimming coastals, island crossings, bays, coves and harbors in the Virgin Islands of the Caribbean Sea.

Betty Friedan and Elizabeth Cady Stanton: Shared Ideas and the Four Waves of Feminism

Feminist Betty Friedan was perceived by many in society as a radical feminist; however, examining Friedan from a historical perspective, her ideas were not new feminist theory, but similar to the beliefs of Elizabeth Cady Stanton – a feminist theorist thought in her era to be overtly radical, too. Their primary dogmatic intersection – that gender equality should be accessible to the masses – intertwines with similar themes.

Ned Kelly: The Iron Outlaw

Historian Brad Webb has written the essential guide to the Kelly legacy, with rarely seen images. This book is a must for any library, and has plenty to offer to those who think they know the full story of the Kelly Gang.

Hitler's American Friends: The Third Reich's Supporters in the United States

Bradley W. Hart’s Hitler’s American Friends exposes the homegrown antagonists who sought to protect and promote Hitler, leave Europeans (and especially European Jews) to fend for themselves, and elevate the Nazi regime.

Nine From Aberdeen: U.S. Army Bomb Disposal in the Second World War

Using documents, photographs, and oral interviews, the author presents a cross-section of U.S. Army and Air Force Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) operations spanning three major theaters; Mediterranean, European, and the Pacific. Special emphasis is given to the ETO, where Col. Thomas Kane (Army EOD’s founding father) served as Gen. Eisenhower’s chief bomb disposal officer.

Search Engine Content Analysis

We present an automatic ontology learning method which trains an ontology with world knowledge of hundreds of different subjects in a three-level taxonomy covering all the documents offered in our training set. We then mine this ontology to find important classification rules, and then use these rules to perform an extensive analysis of the content of the largest general purpose Internet search engines in use today.

Location Technologies in Place-Based Crime Prevention : A Review of Existing Research

This text reviews existing literature and offers a hotspot policing model that capitalizes on location data in hotspot enforcement. Using multiple data sources, and an optimum hotspot intervention technique, the goal of preventing crime by using predictive policing models to inform officer deployment and staffing decisions is plausible.

How to Achieve Network Security: Using Risk Assessment and Game Theory to Protect Your Systems (CyberNightmares)

This handbook is intended to alert you to a surprising amount of control you can assert in the seemingly unending cyber-barrage on your networks, your company and personal devices, as well as your clients’ personally identifiable information.

Restoring Justice : Basic themes in victim-centered criminal justice models

The book introduces readers to the core concepts of restorative justice, with a focus on meeting the needs of crime victims and society. The text explores the shortcomings of the traditional retributive justice model, and evaluates the challenges associated with implementing restorative justice programs.

Foundations of Social Responsibility and Its Application to Change

The authors introduce the readers to the topic of sustainability and describe the foundation, theory, concepts, and principles with various case examples and perspectives on the triple bottom line, scale-free networks, and social and business systems. They deliver to the reader a blueprint for developing a change management strategy for fostering a socially responsible environment.

From Ferguson to Frankfurt: Examining Police Use of Deadly Force in the United States and Germany

Examine the domestic, comparative, and international law standards that govern the fatal use of force by law enforcement in the United States and Germany. This book describes the relevant legal standards in fatal use of force incidents, with the goal of giving the reader a sober view of applicable laws in the two countries.

Creation of Society

The primary objective of this book is to utilize the contributions from the field of social sciences and humanities for developing dynamic ideas for the future society. Rapid advancements in these fields have profound implications for developing society at large.

Singapore Shorts Stories that Inspire

Discover stories from 8 amazing people between the ages of 16 to 65 changing their ecosystem to lead meaningful and impactful life. In a first world country such as Singapore, although there exist vulnerable people, the key to its success is for all people to have first world thinking as to shape their destiny.

Buen Vivir as an Alternative to Sustainable Development: Lessons from Ecuador

This book, based on extensive theoretical and field research of Buen Vivir as an alternative to sustainable development, fills that gap and offers a concrete way forward. It uses an ethnographic study in Cotacachi County, of Ecuador’s highland communities, to explore how communities understand and practice Buen Vivir.

Motor City Green: A Century of Landscapes and Environmentalism in Detroit

Motor City Green is a history of green spaces in metropolitan Detroit from the late nineteenth to the early twenty-first century. The book focuses primarily on the history of gardens and parks in the city of Detroit and its suburbs in southeast Michigan. 

Resilience - From Killing Fields to Boardroom

Dr. Rahim, a genocide survivor and refugee of the Khmer Rouge Killing Fields of Cambodia, developed the S.A.L.T. model of Surviving, Adapting, Loving, and Transforming as a means of helping him overcome the struggles of his youth, including prejudice, abuse, childhood violence, and dyslexia.

Divine Programming: Negotiating Christianity in American Dramatic Television Production 1996-2016

From the mid-90s to the present, television drama with religious content has come to reflect the growing cultural divide between white middle-America and concentrated urban elites. As author Charlotte E. Howell argues in this book, by 2016, television narratives of white Christianity had become entirely disconnected from the religion they were meant to represent. 

Everyday Dispute Resolution: a plain language guide to conflict

This text distills decades of conflict research into a succinct, user-friendly guide, to help the average person understand how to engage conflict effectively. Conflict is inevitable and this book is perfect for families, couples, and anyone else who must deal with other people.

National Security Strategy and National Military Strategy in the United States: A Decade of Distinctions among National Strategies after 9/11

This book critically analyzes various national military and security strategies from 2002 until 2011, with an eye towards revealing inconsistencies among the various U.S. national strategy documents.

Discussions with self

This book is an introspective and evaluative view of the entrepreneurial developmental process from a personalized and supportive perspective.

Wellbeing in Doctoral Education: Insights and Guidance from the Student Experience

In recent years, wellbeing has been increasingly recognized as an important aspect of doctoral education. Yet, few resources exist to help those who support doctoral students. This book offers a range of personal and engaging stories that highlight the diverse voices of doctoral students as they explore their own learning journeys.

Special Education Design and Development Tools for School Rehabilitation Professionals

 Pedagogies and educational strategies can be applied across a student population, though they tend to have varied success. Developing adaptive teaching methods that provide quality experiences for students with varied disabilities are necessary to promote success for as many of these students as possible.

Handbook of Research on Critical Issues in Special Education for School Rehabilitation Practices

Rehabilitation professionals working with students with disabilities and their families face unique challenges in providing inclusive services.  It is important for rehabilitation professionals to understand the best practices and learning systems for special education students and their wide range of needs and challenges.

Academic Literacy for Education Students

This is a comprehensive textbook designed to assist students in higher education to acquire academic reading and writing skills.

Books for Boys: Manipulating genre in Contemporary Australian Young Adult Fiction

Books for Boys examines the ways masculinity is both represented in Australian young adult literature and representative of wider gender discourses. Coupling literary genre theory with a range of critical literary approaches, Troy Potter shows how genre is implicated in books for boys to respond to and shape public perceptions of masculinity. 

Working Remotely: A Practical Guide for Librarians

Librarians are uniquely positioned to move themselves to remote work, while also maintaining connections to their patron base and their colleagues – but where to start? With worksheets and templates, anecdotes about what works easily and what might prove challenging, this book is ideal for today’s librarian.

One Hundred Mistakes Online Students Make

A comprehensive guide for current and future online students, written in plain language. This book is designed to help students avoid the pitfalls of online education and get the most out of their distance-learning experience, by setting realistic, achievable goals.

Lingering with the Works of Ted T. Aoki: Historical and Contemporary Significance for Curriculum Research and Practice

The influence of Aoki’s ideas, pedagogy, and philosophy on lived curriculum is vibrantly examined. Ultimately, the text celebrates an Aokian “way of being” whilst engaging a diversity of perspectives, knowledges, and philosophies in education to reflect on the contribution of his work and its continual enrichment of curriculum scholarship today. 

Principles of Dentoalveolar Extractions

A comprehensive, illustrated manual focusing on dental extractions. Essential for dental students and dentists.

Architecture of Starship

Starship is a combination of spaceship, space station, and spaceport. This means it supports many people on board at once – up to a thousand at any given time. It must be able to dock and refuel multiple smaller spacecrafts at the same time. 

What if Iron Man Suit can be designed?

The Iron Man Suit is a wearable suit apparatus incorporating an integrated hydraulics mechanism and an arc reactor (power supply) including a full body clothing article constructed of integrated, strong material which allows wearer to protect from projectile weapons to an extent.

Statistics for Chemical and Process Engineers: A Modern Approach (1st edition)

The reader is given a detailed framework for statistical procedures covering: data visualization; probability; linear and nonlinear regression; experimental design (including factorial and fractional factorial designs);and dynamic process identification. This serves as invaluable instruction to advanced undergraduate and graduate students looking to begin a career in the process industries.

Methoden der Statistik und Prozessanalyse: Eine anwendungsorientierte Einführung (German translation of Statistics for Chemical and Process Engineers: A Modern Approach (2nd ed))

This German translation of the author’s book Statistics for Chemical and Process Engineers shows the reader how to develop and test models, design experiments and analyze data in ways easily applicable through readily available software tools.

Features of Quantum Mechanics and its Applications: Quantum Physics

Quantum mechanics explains the behavior of matter and its movement with energy in the scale of atoms and subatomic particles. 

Math For All Series

A three-volume set dedicated specifically but not solely to senior high school students. This series teaches math using everyday conversational language.

IT Auditing Using a System Perspective

IT Auditing Using a System Perspective is an essential reference source that discusses advancing approaches within the IT auditing process, as well as the necessary tasks in sufficiently initiating, inscribing, and completing IT audit engagement. 

Auditing Information and Cyber Security Governance: A Cost-Based Approach

A comprehensive entity security program deploys information asset protection through stratified technological and non-technological controls. This book presents a methodological approach in the context of normative decision theory constructs and concepts with appropriate reference to standards and the respective guidelines. 

Three Woofs for the Dead, White and Blue

It’s all paws on deck as Claire Noble and her pawtner Baron open the Posh Pup Pawtisserie in the midst of North Haven’s Fourth of July festivities. Just when she thinks she has everything under control, the harried baker’s friend is arrested for murder! Now she and her clever Eurasier must sniff out clues to find the real killer.

We Woof You a Deadly Christmas

Shoppe owner Claire Noble is spreading holiday cheer by baking festive treats and hosting merry dog events, while her jolly pawtner, Baron, is charming customers and ho-ho-hoping that Santa Paws will soon fill his stocking. Their seasonal goodwill is threatened by the Scrooge next door, a livid lunch lady and an impish pug…and then Christmas turns deadly. 

Sammy Sandstone

What started as a chance encounter on the playground changed the life of this rock. A little girl named Emily brought Sammy a life and friendship that changed his perspective on the world, where friendship triumphs over all.

Fox Tails: Short, Short Stories Written While Puppysitting

Fox Tails is a journey of weird short stories from the mind of my crazy uncle. He left a little note whenever he came to check on my puppies, offering a peek into his strange thoughts just to make us laugh. 

Color Me 80s

Relax and rewind as you travel back to the neon decade with these rad 80s pages. Have a totally tubular time coloring killer images and patterns, while uncovering vintage vocab.

How the Peacock Got Its Feathers

This story demonstrates the positive results that can occur when one endures humiliation. The authors create an engaging look at what happens when we undervalue others and become instigators or bystanders of bullying.

Basil's Busy Day

Young Basil is faced with the dilemma of how he should spend his day – doing chores, studying or playing. Is it possible for him to accomplish all tasks before the end of the day? 

The Core Awakens: Craft Your Own Path

The Core Awakens: Craft Your Own Path is a Minecraft mystery-adventure story with multiple plot lines and dozens of choices. The reader calls the shots as they journey with the characters in a quest to save the Overworld from mysterious happenings. 

Adventures of Perni the Worm

Inspired by the vivid imagination of the author’s daughter who observed and appreciated life through the eyes of her friend, the green caterpillar.