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5 tips for becoming an engaging speaker in any situation

With the advent of COVID-19, interpersonal communication has begun to evolve in ways few could have predicted. But whether you’re …

Life Skills

A mini guide to emotional intelligence – and why having it is so important

Congratulations and welcome to the Golden Key Academy! The simple fact that you’re affiliated with this organization speaks well of …

Career Development

Knowing your worth when applying for a position

Navigating the job search can be difficult—especially when you’re heading straight out of college. Often times, you’re labeled “entry-level” because …


4 simple things you can do to get better at public speaking

Public speaking is an important part of most professions, and our lives. Practice ways to captivate and engage your audience …

Study Skills

How to prepare for exams without getting stressed out

There are few people who enjoy the thought of taking an exam. We see exams as a form of judgment, …

Life Skills

5 things you can do to help you deal with a stressful situation

At some point everyone will face a stressful situation whether in school, work, in dealing with relationships or just the …

Workplace Readiness

How to remain composed during difficult times at work

As a lawyer working in business and corporate law, dealing with urgent situations and important deadlines is an everyday part …

Study Skills

5 things you can do to study more effectively

Is it time for that exam?  You’re weeks into the semester, and it’s time for an exam.  Don’t panic! These …

Life Skills

How to boost your self-esteem and put your best foot forward

You are perfect just as you are. Yes, PERFECT! I wish I had an opportunity to have this conversation with …

Career Development

What I learned from doing five internships

While navigating my six years of college, I had difficulty finding what lit my spark. I changed my major multiple …


Your leadership journey: Three things you can do to make it happen

The leadership journey is exciting, energizing, involves a lot of hard work and at times can be even a little …

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Life Skills

5 ways to be more resilient and make the most of a difficult situation

Wouldn’t it be nice if everything could just go smoothly and easily? Yea, we know where this is headed. Many …


11+ ways to improve your writing skills

Writing is a required skill. It permeates professions and is inescapable. Promotions stem from the ability to write persuasively and …

Personal Finance

Five simple ways to save money for your future

We live in a very precarious age where consumerism has defied sound reasoning and it is rather getting worse as …

Workplace Readiness

Three things Generation Z could learn from their predecessors

Over the next four years, 20% of the workforce will be comprised of members from generation Z, which represents a …

Study Skills

Five fun and creative study tips to help you prepare for your next exam

Studying and learning new information can be challenging for many people. There is no correct way to study for exams. …

Workplace Readiness

Five ways teams can successfully solve complex problems

Today, we may be more separate than ever. Previously tight-knit, cohesive teams are being challenged in unique ways, while the …

Study Skills

How to create a good environment for studying and working from home

Things are changing so fast at the moment, and by now many Golden Key International Honour Society members are working …

Workplace Readiness

6 ways to succeed when starting a new job or internship

No matter where you are in your professional career, your first day at work or an internship can be daunting. …