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person sitting on chair holding iPad
Personal Finance

Your journey to financial self-discovery

There comes a time in everyone’s life where we realise: “Hey! I need to plan for my financial future!” Some …

woman smiles in front of mirror
Body & Soul

Don’t fake it till you make it – Confidence tips from an actor

What is the secret to being truly self-confident? And what can a professional actor of over twenty years tell you …

person standing near the stairs
Career Development

Tips for graduates getting into the corporate sector

These quick tips should hopefully help the soon to be, or already graduates working in the corporate sector over tips …

woman in white and gray sweater writing on white paper
Life Skills

SMARTER goal setting

Throughout the journey of my life, I realized that one thing that will make a person successful in their lives, …

low light photography of woman in gray knit sweatshirt writing on desk

Your background should not limit your dreams

I am Shingwavila Ngobeni, born in a rural settlement called Valdezia located at the lowland of Soutpansberg mountain range in …

woman in white long sleeve shirt holding brown and white labeled book
Body & Soul

Pregnancy and the workplace

How two words will change everything at work for you… For many professional women finding out they’re pregnant provides mixed …

man in black suit standing on top of building looking at city buildings during daytime

Vision – A leader’s primary tool

Isaac Newton lived in the 17th century and was one of the most prominent scientists of all time. Newton’s three …

focus photography of person counting dollar banknotes
Personal Finance

Is bankruptcy my only option if I am experiencing financial difficulties?

Whether you are experiencing financial difficulties because your small business failed, you lost your job, or you maxed out your …

woman reading a book while sitting on black leather 3-seat couch
Learning & Education

The transition from high school to university

The great Mahatma Gandhi once said, “Be the change you want to see in the world,” but maybe we should …

man in black jacket standing beside body of water during sunset

Communication as a mechanism for performance

“Communication is key!” If you’ve never heard this statement, let me tell you all about it.  Before we get knee-deep …

maps lying on the floor
Learning & Education

Preserving African culture and rewriting history

Many scholars are trying to restore Africa’s pride and identity from years of historical oppression and colonialism. However, under the …

Life Skills

Dealing with failure – setback or stepping stone?

I have just received my second-year university results and have failed most of my modules, which means I cannot continue …

two people shaking hands
Career Development

Treating all conversations like an interview

Early in my career planning stage, I would watch Law films, several news channels and listen attentively to radio interviews …

girl using VR goggles
Career Development

What opportunities are there for youth entrepreneurship in the digital area?

Youth unemployment and digital entrepreneurship The global population keeps growing, while opportunities for job development are declining, especially for young …

selective focus photography of woman and man using MacBook Pro on table
Learning & Education

Critical thinking and learning: Learning to go above and beyond in your studies

There is nothing more satisfying or fulfilling than finally being able to study a subject or be in a field …

man standing near woman smiling

Social and behavioural patterns of tomorrow’s leaders

Leaders of “tomorrow” are the next generation of talented and capable individuals who rise above the parochial limitations of life’s …

woman in white long sleeve shirt holding silver microphone
Learning & Education

Quality Assurance in clinical trials

Clinical trials play an important role in medicine and are often used to learn more about a certain disease, drug …

man wearing black collared top sitting on chair in front of table and woman wearing multicolored top
Body & Soul

Pink Flags: The ignored flags in relationships

We hear the phrase “watch out for the red flags” all the time. Now, recognizing red flags is important, but …

woman standing in brown field while looking sideways
Career Development

Uncertainty or an opportunity in disguise?

Everyone is talking about COVID-19 and dealing with uncertainty. Uncertainty often causes us to worry about what lies ahead in …

woman in yellow blue and red tank top
Body & Soul

I love me, flaws and all.

What does it profit a man to gain the whole world, yet lose himself in the process? Luke 9:25. To …

three men laughing while looking in the laptop inside room
Learning & Education

How to effectively prepare for exams without cramming information

To be honest, exam times are the most stressful and difficult times for most students. It does not matter how …

woman sitting while reading book
Learning & Education

Think with your eyes: How understanding the brain will up your game on achieving your goals

Your mind is full of amazing ideas. Your heart is filled with enthusiasm, and your soul is overflowing with potential. …

woman in black jacket sitting beside woman in white blazer

ACE trauma-informed communication practices

Research has shown that social connections are an essential part of the human experience. Unfortunately, one in every six adults …

turned-on monitor
Personal Finance

How to use credit card debt to your advantage

Let’s talk about credit card debt. This article is not aimed to tell you to stop using your credit cards. …

white and black wooden quote board
Career Development

Business 101: Turn your passion & side business into a career

I often tutored my classmates in various subjects and never once considered payment for my services. It hadn’t occurred to …

person writing on white paper
Life Skills

The 5 methods that helped organize my life

The five methods that I am about to share with you will shape how you organize your life and transform …

man in orange long sleeve shirt sitting on gray couch
Body & Soul

How I conquered depression

At first, I didn’t know I was depressed. I was in my first year of university, and I felt like …

woman sitting in front of table
Body & Soul

5 ways to stay creative in your everyday life

Life is not going to stop happening just because you want to stay creative; this means that you will have …

woman taking selfie
Body & Soul

Staying emotionally afloat during a global pandemic

On the 4th of February 2021, an opinion piece I had authored, titled “Lockdown took hold of our minds,” was …

man in blue dress shirt beside man in white dress shirt
Career Development

3 most common mistakes entrepreneurs make when starting

When starting the entrepreneurial journey, it is common to make mistakes, and some worse than others. Most entrepreneurs begin with …

person using MacBook Pro
Learning & Education

A look at applied behavior analysis

Applied behavior analysis (ABA) is widely known as a treatment for autism; however, it can be used to treat challenging …

woman using her MacBook Pro inside white room
Career Development

How to create a LinkedIn profile that will get you noticed

Have you been applying to positions and not getting a response? Are you looking for ways to stand out in …

man in red and black jacket holding brown cardboard box

Climate change and minerals – what everyone needs to know

The rapidly changing climate presents the most profound global threat to humanity of our time. This has been worsened by …

woman sitting on floor and leaning on couch using laptop
Life Skills

Prioritizing your time in a remote environment for improved mental health

Working in a remote environment can seem daunting. Holding yourself accountable takes discipline and a strong work ethic; holding yourself …

woman in red and white hoodie wearing black headphones
Learning & Education

The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on child development

As time elapses, the COVID-19 pandemic’s impact on the wellbeing of children becomes easily visible. Succeeding the implementation of social …

person using phone and laptop

Four tips for email writing etiquette

Communication channels have developed through the years and are known to be an important aspect of any occupation. It has …

A group of friends at a coffee shop

Great leaders learn to speak last

As far back as we can remember, we’ve been told to listen. In any organization with a top-down hierarchy, listening …

woman using laptop while sitting on sofa chair
Workplace Readiness

Personal branding for college students: Take control of the narrative

Are you a college student looking for an internship or a job? Chances are, recruiters will look you up online …

woman sitting infront of MacBook
Learning & Education

Tips on helping African American students succeed academically

It is vital that African American students are encouraged to succeed academically. There are several ways teachers can help these …

woman standing on top of canyon
Life Skills

Some of the lessons I have learned whilst travelling

The most valuable lessons I have learned came from travelling extensively. Packing a suitcase has never been a problem before, …

person sitting on chair using laptop
Career Development

How to start a career as a freelancer in any field

A lot of people look towards freelancing as an opportunity to work flexible hours, charge their own rates and be …

person using MacBook Pro
Learning & Education

How to smash out your next qualification

Studying while working is not for the faint-hearted, but those who find their rhythm can knock out a qualification before …

person holding pencil near laptop computer
Career Development

Four considerations for picking a good career coach

A good career coach can deliver many benefits to your development, whether you are just starting your career or an …

person writing on brown wooden table near white ceramic mug
Learning & Education

Making the most of a non-traditional college experience

When most people think of a traditional college student, they envision someone in their late teens or early twenties strolling …

Life Skills

10 simple things you can do each day to reduce anxiety

According to the World Health Organization, about 1 in 13 people have anxiety and it is only rising further with …

man standing on glass platform on top of building looking down on ground at daytime
Life Skills

Fear is your fuel

Fear is a beautiful thing. The social story, however, is that it’s something to, well, fear. You see, when fear …

Learning & Education

Five fun and creative study tips to help you prepare for your next exam

Studying and learning new information can be challenging for many people. There is no correct way to study for exams. …

man standing beside another sitting man using computer
Workplace Readiness

4 things you should know about moving from being a graduate to an employee

As I write this article I am taken aback, thinking about a time when I had just graduated and looking …


The five qualities of an effective communicator

Communication plays an important role in our personal and professional lives.  From organising your family to presenting to the Board. …

woman holding sword statue during daytime
Workplace Readiness

What it means to teach firearms and tactics

Training law enforcement in firearms encompasses the ability to impart knowledge based on a foundation gained from events where firearms …

person sitting while using laptop computer and green stethoscope near
Career Development

A week in the life of a medical student

It is no secret that being a medical student can be stressful and time-consuming. However, with the pain comes a …

Life Skills

How to be more creative in your everyday life – and why it’s so important

Creativity is a fulfilling outlet that allows the mind to adventure and explore. Through multiple mediums, we can bring joy …


4 simple things you can do to get better at public speaking

Public speaking is an important part of most professions, and our lives. Practice ways to captivate and engage your audience …

workplace readiness and being under pressure at work
Workplace Readiness

How to remain composed during difficult times at work

As a lawyer working in business and corporate law, dealing with urgent situations and important deadlines is an everyday part …

Career Development

How networking can help you achieve your goals

Networking is one of those words that could send a shiver down the spine of many, while for others it …

brown dried leaves on sand
Life Skills

5 ways to be more resilient and make the most of a difficult situation

Wouldn’t it be nice if everything could just go smoothly and easily? Yea, we know where this is headed. Many …

Personal Finance

Five simple ways to save money for your future

We live in a very precarious age where consumerism has defied sound reasoning and it is rather getting worse as …

person typing on gray and black HP laptop
Learning & Education

How to cut your research time in half

Researching library databases can be frustrating and it is usually the most dreaded part of writing a paper. Many results …

vacant white painted classroom with chairs, tables , and map on the wall
Learning & Education

Teaching with props, personal stories, and a little humor

When you teach a general education course, most students walk into that classroom because the class is a graduation requirement. …

person's left palm about to catch black dice
Body & Soul

Playing the game, purposefully

“Success is the unintended side-effect of one who dedicates himself to a cause greater than self” –Viktor Frankl As we …