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person using MacBook Pro
Learning & Education

A look at applied behavior analysis

Applied behavior analysis (ABA) is widely known as a treatment for autism; however, it can be used to treat challenging …

girl using VR goggles
Advice for Recent Graduates

What opportunities are there for youth entrepreneurship in the digital area?

Youth unemployment and digital entrepreneurship The global population keeps growing, while opportunities for job development are declining, especially for young …

three men laughing while looking in the laptop inside room
Learning & Education

How to effectively prepare for exams without cramming information

To be honest, exam times are the most stressful and difficult times for most students. It does not matter how …

man in orange long sleeve shirt sitting on gray couch
Body & Soul

How I conquered depression

At first, I didn’t know I was depressed. I was in my first year of university, and I felt like …

woman in yellow blue and red tank top
Body & Soul

I love me, flaws and all

What does it profit a man to gain the whole world, yet lose himself in the process? Luke 9:25. To …

woman using laptop while sitting on sofa chair
Advice for Students

Personal branding for college students: Take control of the narrative

Are you a college student looking for an internship or a job? Chances are, recruiters will look you up online …

man wearing white top using MacBook
Advice for Students

What are the mental challenges academics face in the pursuit of success?

Studying concepts, researching, collecting data, and being expected to create a new tool or idea can cause immense pressure on …

person using MacBook Pro
Learning & Education

How to smash out your next qualification

Studying while working is not for the faint-hearted, but those who find their rhythm can knock out a qualification before …

woman wearing blue denim jacket holding book
Learning & Education

5 Study Tips for Graduate Students

Study Tips for Graduate Students Manage Your Time Wisely Take Ownership of Your Assignments Remember What You Read Remember What …

man standing on glass platform on top of building looking down on ground at daytime
Life Skills

Fear is your fuel

Fear is a beautiful thing. The social story, however, is that it’s something to, well, fear. You see, when fear …

Learning & Education

Five fun and creative study tips to help you prepare for your next exam

Studying and learning new information can be challenging for many people. There is no correct way to study for exams. …

a man sitting at a table in front of a laptop
Career Development

How to start a business in four easy steps

At the center of every good business design is empathy. Empathy is the act of understanding and being sensitive to …

Career Development

How networking can help you achieve your goals

Networking is one of those words that could send a shiver down the spine of many, while for others it …

person's left palm about to catch black dice
Body & Soul

Playing the game, purposefully

“Success is the unintended side-effect of one who dedicates himself to a cause greater than self” –Viktor Frankl As we …

woman covering her face with white book
Learning & Education

6 ways to study more effectively

We’ve all been there, right? We sit down to study and nothing meaningful gets done. What is stopping us from …

blue and purple robot toy
Career Development

Using emotional intelligence to win over the HireVue robot

Artificial intelligence can be described as computer science concerned with building smart machines capable of performing tasks that typically require …

men and women inside a room
Management Support

How to be successful in the workplace

The workplace can be exciting and nerve-wracking at the same time. On the exciting aspect, joining the workplace has new …

man in white button up shirt sitting at the table
How to be a Better Leader

How to be an effective leader while working remotely

For many, the notion of working from home can seem quite intimidating. The thought of not working in the office …

woman in red jacket holding black dslr camera
How to be a Better Leader

Leadership – Three points of wisdom

“The truth is leadership has nothing to do with position.” Darren Hardy. A leader is seen as someone who is …

four person holding each others waist at daytime
Life Skills

How to use empathy and stand out

Empathy is often explained as the ability to understand and share the feelings of another, but in my own personal …

Workplace Skills & Culture

Paving our road to recovery through Risk Management

Risk is a multifaceted noun. To some, risk is a complex concept. For a select few, it may be a …

study techniques to improve study habits
Learning & Education

5 things you can do to study more effectively

Is it time for that exam?  You’re weeks into the semester, and it’s time for an exam.  Don’t panic! These …

Workplace Skills & Culture

Three things Generation Z could learn from their predecessors

Over the next four years, 20% of the workforce will be comprised of members from generation Z, which represents a …

Preparing for an exam. Study tips to help with exam stress relief
Learning & Education

How to prepare for exams without getting stressed out

There are few people who enjoy the thought of taking an exam. We see exams as a form of judgment, …

woman placing sticky notes on wall
How to be a Better Leader

How to being a community leader: The role we play to uplift communities

Nothing prepares people for loss, failure, hurt, and traumatic experiences. Nobody wakes up on a particular day and purposefully chooses …

cars on road
How to be a Better, Stronger Person

3 Questions That Will Help You Prepare For The Unexpected

Isn’t it interesting how sometimes traffic is light, and other times it is cumbersome? Where do all the cars come …

sticky notes on corkboard
Advice for Recent Graduates

How to be a management-minded graduate

In the past few years, more graduates have faced unemployment issues, and those who can secure employment are in a …

woman in black long sleeve shirt sitting in front of silver macbook
Advice for Students

A comprehensive guide on applying for school scholarships: crafting a winning application

Pursuing higher education often comes with a hefty price tag, making scholarships a crucial resource for many students. Scholarships, like …

man writing on paper

The importance of writing well

I decided to write about writing because all members of the Golden Key International Honor Society might better understand the …

How to be a Better Leader

Your leadership journey: Three things you can do to make it happen

The leadership journey is exciting, energizing, involves a lot of hard work and at times can be even a little …

toddler's standing in front of beige concrete stair
Life Skills

Step outside of your comfort zone

So much is happening now.  But you can still tell your story.  Your story is important.  We are living in …

clear glass jar
Entrepreneurs and Business Owners

From your very first salary, pay yourself first

The very first time you receive a paycheck, pay yourself! What do I mean by that? Well, you need to …

smiling woman using MacBook
Life Skills

Turn your kryptonite into a superpower

Strengths and weaknesses, or as I like to call them, superpowers and kryptonite, are something that we all have. Unfortunately, …

woman in black jacket sitting beside woman in white blazer

Learning a new language is an intriguing adventure!

Learning a new language, no matter the reason, can be a thrilling ride. Motivation is key, whether it be to …

hands formed together with red heart paint
Life Skills

Three ways to make social impact a part of your career

What is social impact? “Social impact” is how companies define how they benefit a specific community or the world. Companies …

blue and white academic hat
Advice for Recent Graduates

3 ways to connect with graduates in a post-Covid job market

There is no question that there has been a dynamic shift in the job market since 2020, with businesses quickly …

Body & Soul

Understanding and combatting Imposter Syndrome

Over the last few years, a new phrase has become commonplace in the workplace: Imposter Syndrome. Merriam-Webster defines Imposter Syndrome …

person writing on white paper
Entrepreneurs and Business Owners

You are in debt? You can still switch careers – Here’s how!

There can be times when you think of switching and changing your career. However, it is imperative to note that …

two women talking while looking at laptop computer

Personal branding and visibility – how to raise your profile

Building a strong personal brand with increased visibility is key to standing out in your career. It allows you to …

three women sitting at the table
Career Development

How to use time more efficiently when job hunting

Imagine you’ve found a job that you’re qualified for, and it seems mildly interesting. Better still, the company is interested …

a person sitting at a table with a laptop and a cup of coffee
Body & Soul

Understanding the power of ego and embracing self-awareness

Many people have no clue about their lives being controlled by their egos. So let’s discuss what ego is and …

Dream Big text
How to be a Better Leader

Tips to navigate towards corporate career leadership

“…the place where you work is a place for forging your character and growing as a human being…” -Dr Daisaku …

woman standing in front of children
Learning & Education

Igniting the spark: innovative strategies to boost student engagement

Picture this: A classroom buzzing with curiosity. Hands shooting up to answer questions. Students immersed in their learning journey.   …

Career Development

Demonstrating strategic thinking when you are a task-oriented leader

“You need to be more strategic.” These words are thrown around a lot, and these words instill fear and panic …

man and woman talking inside office
How to be a Better Leader

How to be a better leader

Leadership is a skill that can be developed by anyone willing to invest time and effort. Being an effective leader …

three women sitting on sofa with MacBook
Workplace Skills & Culture

Entering the workplace culturally proficient

Have you participated in a two-part interview that consisted of technical and cultural questions? Has an interviewer stated something like, …

man beside white frame window
Life Skills

How to deal with anxious thoughts

I first encountered anxiety when I was 12 years old. I remember going to a stress therapist to help me …

person writing on brown wooden table near white ceramic mug
Career Development

Grant writing: Why this skill can set you apart from the competition

Are you looking for a talent that can make you more marketable in the job field?  You’re often competing with …

man and woman sitting on chairs
Learning & Education

Capturing the wandering mind: engaging students with lowering attention spans

In the heart of a bustling classroom, a teacher stands armed with knowledge and a passion for shaping young minds. …

man holding his chin facing laptop computer
Life Skills

Strategic thinking de-mystified

Strategic thinking: two words viewed as something hard to define and even harder to execute. And yet, most organizations stress …

Body & Soul

Small gesture, big impact: How a student ambassador showed me the goodness of humanity

The student communities, especially the international students, are more than just individuals. With us, we carry the culture, civilization, etiquette, …

red apple fruit on four pyle books
Learning & Education

Designing Effective Learning and Development Programs: Best Practices and Case Studies

Throughout my career, I’ve had the privilege of helping countless organizations design and implement impactful learning and development (L&D) programs. …

black smartphone near person
Career Development

How to give and receive feedback like a pro

If you have ever been on the receiving end of feedback, you know how hard it can be. Despite your …

Life Skills

How to boost your self-esteem and put your best foot forward

You are perfect just as you are. Yes, PERFECT! I wish I had an opportunity to have this conversation with …

man standing in front of group of men

Master public speaking whether it’s your first or 50th presentation

It’s hard to believe, but the fear of public speaking is ranked higher than spiders, heights, and even death. It’s …

two women in suits standing beside wall

Building a high-performing culture: strategies for empowering employees and driving achievement

As we continue through this year, the work landscape is changing dramatically. The COVID-19 pandemic has fundamentally altered workplace norms, …

girl in white and black shirt holding baby in white onesie
Advice for Recent Graduates

Family, work, and studies: finding your balance

Most people struggle to balance family time, work, and academic life. Work demands create physical, mental, and emotional pressure. The …

man holding cup filled with coffee on table
Workplace Skills & Culture

Negotiating your way through life – A skill everyone needs to have

In a polarised society, and at times, even more polarised professional environments, there are huge benefits to be reaped from …

three women sitting beside wooden table
Career Development

Developing your strategy for opportunities

During the twentieth century, the nature of your employment is usually anywhere from one to three jobs over several decades …

two women talking while looking at laptop computer
Career Development

How positive relationships early on in your career can create opportunities for your future

Often we’re led to believe that if we put in the work, and try to make a good impression, we’ll …