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man wearing gray polo shirt beside dry-erase board
Career Development

4 steps for developing a professional strategy

There are many books, lectures, seminars, tips, and sites on approaching this. However, there are constraints. You may not have …

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Life Skills

Advice from a nurse on how to stay calm in difficult situations

“My Father needs help!” I remember as the man stood alongside his elderly father, and I stood before them, tired, …

girl using black laptop computer

The mistakes great leaders never make

Leaders lead in diverse ways: authoritatively, collaboratively, aggressively, benevolently, and passively. Education and circumstances create leaders, and great leaders are …

MacBook Pro near white open book

4 essential points of purposeful writing

Communication has been my life’s interest and life’s work. Writing is, at its heart, communication. Written words can evoke feelings, …

woman sitting on floor and leaning on couch using laptop
Workplace Skills & Culture

How to balance work and home life

You just got home from a long day at work. You head to the living room to sit on the …

woman placing sticky notes on wall

Leadership in a management world

Organizational success results from the “best” combination of the four management components. The list consists of scope (the definition of …

group of people waving their hands
Learning & Education

Something I wished I did more of in college: Ask more questions

Asking questions is a way in which we gather information on various topics. However, it can sometimes be difficult to …

scrabble tiles forming be fearless be you phrase
Life Skills

Navigating self doubt using compassion and trust

I don’t know how to do this. I can’t do this. What if I fail? We have all been there, we …

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Life Skills

The poetry of life – Find your inner courage and be yourself!

Here are some tips which have allowed me to hone my skills, boost my creativity and achieve my goals. They …

girl using black laptop computer

What are the most important steps a leader must take when facing a challenge

Whether in a small, large, complex, or military organization, challenges will arise at all levels. You will have to face …

woman sitting on armless chair with light between bookcases in room

Tips for video recording lectures and creating original educational content

At a time when we have instant access to information at our fingertips, it is especially important for instructors to …

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Career Development

How to open doors – the skills you need throughout your career

I believe the three keys to opening doors of opportunities throughout your career are: Integrity; Accountability; and Relationships.  Integrity Integrity …

person holding ballpoint pen writing on notebook
Learning & Education

Three reasons why you should work or study abroad at some point in your life

The philosopher-king Marcus Aurelius stated, “We should not say that I am an Athenian, or I am a Roman, but …

man standing beside rock formation
Life Skills

How to be more resilient in life and never give up

If there is one thing I have learned along my life journey is how to have staying power. Having worked …

Personal Finance

Financial advice from my mother

My mother always shared her “pearls” of wisdom with me when I was young. I did not always listen. When …

two men and four women meeting in office

Six simple tips for being a clearer and more successful communicator

Successful communication is essential for any role in life – personal or professional. As a researcher, it’s vital to share …

man wearing watch with black suit
Career Development

How to be a professional in the 21st century

What should a 21st-century professional be? Your professional life will be guided, not by subject matter, but by the skills …

man covering face with both hands while sitting on bench
Body & Soul

Are millennials the burnout generation?

I don’t know about you, but I’m in this stage of life where I constantly try to figure out this …

person using laptop
Body & Soul

How the internet has changed bullying

A recent issue has been brought to light in the media since the advent of the computer “Bullying.” It is …

three women sitting beside table
Career Development

Entering the world of work after graduating

Realistically, the world of work is competitive and demanding. Unfortunately, possessing the requirements that employers want from graduates can be …

student sitting on chairs in front of chalkboard
Learning & Education

Can pre-recorded academic material replace a live lecture?

It’s 13:15 in my residence at Stellenbosch University on a rainy winter’s day. My next class is at 14:00, about …

brown wooden blocks with numbers

How language is a mediator of thought in education and society

Imagine not having the language you communicate with every day? Sadly, multitudes of first nations people have lost touch with …

person standing on cliff near mountain under cloudy sky during daytime
Life Skills

How to navigate life’s unexpected trajectory

Fulfillment. The ultimate goal of the average person is fulfillment, and contentment, to feel that they belong somewhere and improve …

woman using MacBook
Career Development

5 ways entrepreneurial mindset can assist you to build your career

The world of careers is changing. When I realized early in my career that significant changes were taking place in …

selective focus photography of arrow target
Life Skills

Focus on the target not the challenges

Setting a target we aspire to reach is normal and easy for most of us. I love walking because it …

people seated on table in room

Emotional intelligence: A key to effective leadership

Great news! You’ve just received word that you’ve been chosen for a leadership position within your firm. You’ve worked hard, …

people sitting on chair in front of table while holding pens during daytime
Learning & Education

Effective methods for conveying graduate research to broad audiences

As a graduate student, consuming new ideas for research is essential for progression in a master’s or doctoral program. While …

Body & Soul

The link between obesity and food policy

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) report that people diagnosed with chronic kidney disease, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease …

black smartphone near person
Career Development

Individual and collective voices and how to find your own professionally

The cliché “it all starts with you” comes with a profound personal truth – you have to find your voice …

man reading book on beach near lake during daytime
Life Skills

The skill in being comfortable with being uncomfortable

If it was easy everyone would do it. I think most have heard this phrase, or variants of it. What …

brown dried leaves on sand
Life Skills

5 ways to be more resilient and make the most of a difficult situation

Wouldn’t it be nice if everything could just go smoothly and easily? Yea, we know where this is headed. Many …

Life Skills

How to be more creative in your everyday life – and why it’s so important

Creativity is a fulfilling outlet that allows the mind to adventure and explore. Through multiple mediums, we can bring joy …


The five qualities of an effective communicator

Communication plays an important role in our personal and professional lives.  From organising your family to presenting to the Board. …

vacant white painted classroom with chairs, tables , and map on the wall
Learning & Education

Teaching with props, personal stories, and a little humor

When you teach a general education course, most students walk into that classroom because the class is a graduation requirement. …

person typing on gray and black HP laptop
Learning & Education

How to cut your research time in half

Researching library databases can be frustrating and it is usually the most dreaded part of writing a paper. Many results …

woman walking on pathway during daytime
Life Skills

Tips for taking care of your mental health everyday

Although many people may believe they need a professional to help them improve their mental and emotional well-being, there are …

white and brown printed paper
Body & Soul

Preservation of a heart language

“What do we lose when our native language becomes extinct?” was the question discussed among delegates of an ethnic minority …


4 simple things you can do to get better at public speaking

Public speaking is an important part of most professions, and our lives. Practice ways to captivate and engage your audience …

man in gray long sleeve shirt and black pants sitting on white floor tiles
Body & Soul

Mental health and well-being amongst final year university students

In the past decades, mental health and well-being have been one of the most neglected states of human health in …

man holding incandescent bulb

Developing student leadership and amplifying your voice

Recognise, trust and support young leaders and they will astound you every day. At my school, our Student Body President …

brown wooden map board
Life Skills

Systems and how they correlate with our behavior and worldviews: a systems approach to behavior

A system is defined as a cohesive conglomeration of interrelated and interdependent parts that can be natural or human-made, according …

man standing near high-rise building
Career Development

Improvise your way to a successful career

How would it feel to have the confidence to respond to anything that happened in your career? Interviewing, negotiating your …

person holding pencil near laptop computer
Career Development

What no one tells you about career development

So you have worked hard and managed to complete your studies and have secured your first job. Obviously, the next …

person using laptop computer holding card
Life Skills

Managing money: Why do I keep accumulating debt on things I do not need

You are staying in a fancy house; you drive the best car. You have the most expensive clothes, and you …

two girl's in blue coat walking road beside trees
Learning & Education

The importance of nature-based teaching

Living in an ever-changing and technologically advanced society offers challenges and opportunities to educators and students.  Recently, educators have had …

airplanes window view of sky during golden hour
Life Skills

From third-world beginnings to success

Success looks different for many people. For me, success was rooted in a journey that began halfway around the world …

person holding pencil near laptop computer
Life Skills

The importance of public insurance adjusting

I have the good fortune to be a Licensed Public Insurance Adjuster. Many of you will ask, “What is a …

people sitting down near table with assorted laptop computers

Leading for digital transformation: The art of uncovering beauty and loving broken things

You have to be in love to lead for digital transformation. I am not referring to the fairytale, “love is …

woman in black long sleeve shirt covering her face with her hands
Career Development

Five signs it’s time to leave your company

Everyone jokes about wanting to quit their job from time to time. This is something that everyone experiences throughout their …

person drawing on white sketch pad
Learning & Education

Three things nobody tells you about being a top achiever

When I was an undergraduate student, I used to sit right in the front row, as did most of the …

person holding pen above white open notebook page
Body & Soul

How to use poetry as an outlet

It is quite traumatic when a child is brought up with a family-imposed stigma. My parents were advised by school …

person holding white Samsung Galaxy Tab
Personal Finance

Don’t just stand there – invest!

This pandemic has taught us many lessons.  One of the most important is how quickly life can change.  Another lesson …

person holding compass facing towards green pine trees
Life Skills

Your purpose in life: Are you living a life you were destined for?

It is Monday morning; you wake up at 6 am, getting ready to go to work or your first class …

person playing magic cube
Life Skills

Quick guide: critical and effective problem-solving skills

With everyday challenges we are all faced with throughout life, we are tasked to reach effective solutions- either short term …

man sitting facing monitor

What working internationally has taught me about management

Have you ever had a moment where you felt like a fish out of water? For example, I had landed …

smiling woman using MacBook
Life Skills

Turn your kryptonite into a superpower

Strengths and weaknesses, or as I like to call them, superpowers and kryptonite, are something that we all have. Unfortunately, …

Career Development

The emergence of the ‘pandemic leader’

The coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, coupled with the government-mandated lockdown tactics, has undoubtedly been one of the most significant events of …

hands formed together with red heart paint
Life Skills

Three ways to make social impact a part of your career

What is social impact? “Social impact” is how companies define how they benefit a specific community or the world. Companies …

man in white crew neck shirt wearing black headphones
Career Development

The distracted employee: The new normal

If every email took 60 seconds of my time nearly one-fourth of my day is spent tending to emails; 22% …

Learning & Education

Tips for students with disabilities to achieve academic success

Attending college is a life-long dream for millions of students across the globe. However, for students with disabilities attending college …