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man standing near high-rise building
Career Development

Improvise your way to a successful career

How would it feel to have the confidence to respond to anything that happened in your career? Interviewing, negotiating your …

person using laptop computer holding card
Life Skills

Managing money: Why do I keep accumulating debt on things I do not need

You are staying in a fancy house; you drive the best car. You have the most expensive clothes, and you …

two girl's in blue coat walking road beside trees
Learning & Education

The importance of nature-based teaching

Living in an ever-changing and technologically advanced society offers challenges and opportunities to educators and students.  Recently, educators have had …

airplanes window view of sky during golden hour
Life Skills

From third-world beginnings to success

Success looks different for many people. For me, success was rooted in a journey that began halfway around the world …

person holding pencil near laptop computer
Life Skills

The importance of public insurance adjusting

I have the good fortune to be a Licensed Public Insurance Adjuster. Many of you will ask, “What is a …

people sitting down near table with assorted laptop computers

Leading for digital transformation: The art of uncovering beauty and loving broken things

You have to be in love to lead for digital transformation. I am not referring to the fairytale, “love is …

woman in black long sleeve shirt covering her face with her hands
Career Development

Five signs it’s time to leave your company

Everyone jokes about wanting to quit their job from time to time. This is something that everyone experiences throughout their …

person drawing on white sketch pad
Learning & Education

Three things nobody tells you about being a top achiever

When I was an undergraduate student, I used to sit right in the front row, as did most of the …

person holding pen above white open notebook page
Body & Soul

How to use poetry as an outlet

It is quite traumatic when a child is brought up with a family-imposed stigma. My parents were advised by school …

person holding white Samsung Galaxy Tab
Personal Finance

Don’t just stand there – invest!

This pandemic has taught us many lessons.  One of the most important is how quickly life can change.  Another lesson …

person holding compass facing towards green pine trees
Life Skills

Your purpose in life: Are you living a life you were destined for?

It is Monday morning; you wake up at 6 am, getting ready to go to work or your first class …

person playing magic cube
Life Skills

Quick guide: critical and effective problem-solving skills

With everyday challenges we are all faced with throughout life, we are tasked to reach effective solutions- either short term …

man sitting facing monitor

What working internationally has taught me about management

Have you ever had a moment where you felt like a fish out of water? For example, I had landed …

smiling woman using MacBook
Life Skills

Turn your kryptonite into a superpower

Strengths and weaknesses, or as I like to call them, superpowers and kryptonite, are something that we all have. Unfortunately, …

Career Development

The emergence of the ‘pandemic leader’

The coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, coupled with the government-mandated lockdown tactics, has undoubtedly been one of the most significant events of …

hands formed together with red heart paint
Life Skills

Three ways to make social impact a part of your career

What is social impact? “Social impact” is how companies define how they benefit a specific community or the world. Companies …

man in white crew neck shirt wearing black headphones
Career Development

The distracted employee: The new normal

If every email took 60 seconds of my time nearly one-fourth of my day is spent tending to emails; 22% …

Learning & Education

Tips for students with disabilities to achieve academic success

Attending college is a life-long dream for millions of students across the globe. However, for students with disabilities attending college …

man holding handbag
Career Development

The importance of treating your career as a marathon, not a sprint.

When I started my legal career, I was confident that I would be made partner of the firm within a …

people sitting on chair
Workplace Skills & Culture

How to take advice in the workplace

In the workplace, as in life, advice can come in two ways: solicited and unsolicited. The former is often easier …

person wearing lavatory gown with green stethoscope on neck using phone while standing
Career Development

Pursuing a career on the business side of healthcare

Healthcare is a behemoth and multi-faceted industry with plenty of opportunities for those from all walks of life and skill …

clear glass jar
Personal Finance

From your very first salary, pay yourself first

The very first time you receive a paycheck, pay yourself! What do I mean by that? Well, you need to …

person using MacBook
Life Skills

How to remain in a dynamic environment during stressful situations

Believe it or not, you will operate in a dynamic environment at some point and time in your lifetime. We …

man standing near high-rise building
Life Skills

The ‘why’ is your key to success.

Many people spend their whole lives finding how to be successful and may never achieve it. Success in life is …

Think Positive text illustration
Life Skills

Making positive and sustainable change that works for you

Looking to make sustained positive change in your life, career or relationships? I am a great believer in the power …

toddler's standing in front of beige concrete stair
Life Skills

Step outside of your comfort zone

So much is happening now.  But you can still tell your story.  Your story is important.  We are living in …

group of person on stairs

Five strategies for leading when you aren’t in charge

During this time of uncertainty, we need leadership now more than ever. Our world is looking for leaders with vision. …

woman placing sticky notes on wall
Workplace Skills & Culture

5 most effective soft skills that will help you in your professional career

First time jobs can be very intimidating. You may have an idea of how things may go, but not know …

spilled coins from the jar
Personal Finance

Three things to do as a young working person to start building wealth

When I first entered the workplace, I wanted to ensure that I was working because I enjoyed it, and not …

woman in black shirt using laptop computer
Workplace Skills & Culture

What I have learned about time management after 20 years in the corporate world

“If I knew then, what I know now” — a well-worn phrase I never thought I would bring myself to say, or …


Your leadership journey: Three things you can do to make it happen

The leadership journey is exciting, energizing, involves a lot of hard work and at times can be even a little …

Career Development

Knowing your worth when applying for a position

Navigating the job search can be difficult—especially when you’re heading straight out of college. Often times, you’re labeled “entry-level” because …

Life Skills

A mini guide to emotional intelligence – and why having it is so important

Congratulations and welcome to the Golden Key Academy! The simple fact that you’re affiliated with this organization speaks well of …

man beside white frame window
Life Skills

How to maintain your mental health during hard times

Mental health has been a hot topic of discussion in 2020, and unsurprisingly so. For many of us it has …


11+ ways to improve your writing skills

Writing is a required skill. It permeates professions and is inescapable. Promotions stem from the ability to write persuasively and …

Dream Big text

Tips to navigate towards corporate career leadership

“…the place where you work is a place for forging your character and growing as a human being…” -Dr Daisaku …

photography of people inside room during daytime
Life Skills

How to collaborate with people coming from different backgrounds and influence dialogue

The best way to grow and become a better person is by regularly engaging with and learning from people. Living …

person writing on brown wooden table near white ceramic mug
Learning & Education

Applying for fellowships and graduate assistantships

When I realized that I was ready to further my education by obtaining my master’s degree, I knew that I …

girl using black laptop computer

How to be supportive to those attending college

Whether you are staying local or moving somewhere new, attending college is something that most dream about, and when they …

woman in black and white sweater sitting by the table
Learning & Education

Understanding fellowships and graduate assistantships

When I first decided to go back to graduate school, I knew that I didn’t want the burden of only …

three women sitting at the table
Career Development

How to use time more efficiently when job hunting

Imagine you’ve found a job that you’re qualified for, and it seems mildly interesting. Better still, the company is interested …

person wearing orange and gray Nike shoes walking on gray concrete stairs
Body & Soul

Ways to overcome sedentary (inactive) behaviors

Sedentary behaviours are not merely a lack of physical activity but sitting and lying as the dominant mode of posture and very low energy …

two women sitting beside table and talking

Making meaningful connections through networking

At a time when we feel most isolated, networking is an ever-important component for career and personal success. Networking, for …

person holding green ball on white paper
Learning & Education

A day in the life of a STEM student

The acronym STEM stands for: SCIENCE  TECHNOLOGY ENGINEERING MATHEMATICS An example of each is Physical Science, Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, …

black flat screen tv turned on at the living room
Career Development

Using storytelling to catapult your career

Storytelling is a tale as old as time, but being able to tell a great story can give you an …

man in purple shirt using white earbuds
Body & Soul

The ABCs of self-care

According to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, self-care means to simply “care for one’s self.” The idea is sadly overlooked more often …

people sitting down near table with assorted laptop computers
Learning & Education

Five ways entrepreneurship drives education on campus

Global business changes at such a stunning pace that entry-level professionals barely have time to acclimate to a new company, …

person writing on white paper
Life Skills

You are in debt? You can still switch careers – Here’s how!

There can be times when you think of switching and changing your career. However, it is imperative to note that …

group of people wearing black academic dress
Workplace Skills & Culture

Toolbox to succeed post-undergrad

Graduation from college is a beautiful thing. Parents, family, and friends come, near and far, for such a life-changing experience. …

woman in brown coat using black laptop computer
Learning & Education

The non-negotiable’s of moving out of state to enter graduate school

Each individual has contrasting “needs” and “wants” when evaluating their move to graduate school, but some factors are more important …

Body & Soul

Understanding and combatting Imposter Syndrome

Over the last few years, a new phrase has become commonplace in the workplace: Imposter Syndrome. Merriam-Webster defines Imposter Syndrome …

group of graduates throwing academic hats
Career Development

Tell your story: Organizing your career summaries into a memorable brag book

Do you have a memory like an elephant? Do you have the unique ability to remember even the most minute …

Body & Soul

Five tips for making a powershift

Wanting to have a powerful take-off in a certain area in your life will require you to put forth some …

fun stress management activities
Life Skills

5 fun stress management activities to deal with stress and anxiety

At some point everyone will face a stressful situation whether in school, work, in dealing with relationships or just the …

person sitting on chair using laptop
Career Development

How to start a career as a freelancer in any field

A lot of people look towards freelancing as an opportunity to work flexible hours, charge their own rates and be …

woman holding brown umbrella
Life Skills

How to try new things in two simple steps

Have you ever been presented with a “fail-proof” program that failed you anyway? Why do some things work for some …

group of fresh graduates students throwing their academic hat in the air
Learning & Education

If college is a consideration, don’t delay

Statistics show that the primary interest for pursuing higher education is the expectation that degree attainment will improve job prospects. Students represent …

man wearing headphones while sitting on chair in front of MacBook
Learning & Education

Seven study skills needed for the online environment

The online environment has brought many possibilities to the learning process. It has provided the platform for different forms of …

Career Development

Demonstrating strategic thinking when you are a task-oriented leader

“You need to be more strategic.” These words are thrown around a lot, and these words instill fear and panic …

black smartphone near person
Career Development

How to give and receive feedback like a pro

If you have ever been on the receiving end of feedback, you know how hard it can be. Despite your …