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Golden Key Academy is a place of online learning created and run by Golden Key International Honour Society. It offers over 50+ hours of online training videos plus weekly live webinars, special events and access to a library of informative content covering career development, workplace readiness, communication, study skills, personal finance and leadership.

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Talent Assessment Index by HFM ​

Discover and develop your talents, and find what gives you energy and engagement in the workplace. GKA is delighted to offer our members and subscribers access to a suite of scientific, objective self-assessment tools, via our partner HFMtalentindex. These tools can be completed online and the report is immediately available.

Discounted FPD courses

We're proud to offer you access to amazing discounts on continuous professional development courses through a top Private Higher Institution: the Foundation for Professional Development. Courses include Project Management, Microsoft product training, Public Health, Research Methodology and more.


Learning & Education

Critical thinking and learning: Learning to go above and beyond in your studies


Social and behavioural patterns of tomorrow’s leaders

Learning & Education

Quality Assurance in clinical trials

Body & Soul

Pink Flags: The ignored flags in relationships

Career Development

Uncertainty or an opportunity in disguise?

Body & Soul

I love me, flaws and all.

Learning & Education

How to effectively prepare for exams without cramming information

Learning & Education

Think with your eyes: How understanding the brain will up your game on achieving your goals


ACE trauma-informed communication practices


Body & Soul

Starting your fitness journey

Workplace Readiness

Networking Part 3

Workplace Readiness

Networking Part 2

Workplace Readiness

Networking Part 1

Life Skills

How to successfully apply for a GK Scholarship

Life Skills

Puzzle of my Life with founder Barbara Ayissi

Personal Finance

An Introduction to Good Financial Health

Personal Finance

What you need to know before investing in the stock market

Workplace Readiness

Bridging the gap: Campus to corporate

50+ hours of online training

Watch videos of experts covering a wide range of career, study and life readiness topics.

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A vast library of advice and content to help you navigate your career and score your dream job.

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Get expert tips for communicating more effectively and developing yourself as a leader.

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Golden Key Academy is a supportive space of online learning for career + life readiness. It's created and run by Golden Key International Honour Society.


Golden Key is the world's largest collegiate honor society for graduate and undergraduate students, and membership is by invitation to the top 15% of students.