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photo of white concrete building interior
Study Skills
Patty Gilmore

What future classrooms will look like

The pandemic has undoubtedly changed education. COVID-19 has disrupted the education system in ways unimaginable before this year. However, some may argue that it has only sped up technological and structural changes that were meant to happen eventually. Below, we are going to discuss the different educational trends on the rise and how students can

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group of person on stairs
Andy Karesa

Five strategies for leading when you aren’t in charge

During this time of uncertainty, we need leadership now more than ever. Our world is looking for leaders with vision. Someone who has the capability to not only have vision but be able to turn that vision into reality. You may be saying to yourself, this sounds great but I’m not in a position of

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person holding pencil near laptop computer
Career Development
Maphumula B

What no one tells you about career development

So you have worked hard and managed to complete your studies and have secured your first job. Obviously, the next step is to master the corporate game and land your dream job after working your way up through hard work and dedication. Once you are settled, you start to realise that building your career requires

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toddler's standing in front of beige concrete stair
Life Skills
Sharon Peoples

Step outside of your comfort zone

So much is happening now.  But you can still tell your story.  Your story is important.  We are living in uncertain times right now, but this is the time to do what you are passionate about, what you love.  Where to start?  Sometimes this is the very question that can keep us from moving forward.   Just get excited

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