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woman in red jacket holding black dslr camera

Leadership – Three points of wisdom

“The truth is leadership has nothing to do with position.” Darren Hardy. A leader is seen as someone who is able to influence others to follow. Unfortunately, a manager is not always a good leader and a good leader does not always become a manager. A few years back I became a manager with little

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Life Skills
Claire Adams

How to maintain your mental health during hard times

Mental health has been a hot topic of discussion in 2020, and unsurprisingly so. For many of us it has been a challenging year. We have faced changes to our working lives, family life, economic hardships, physical distancing and lockdown measures, cancelled plans, and the continuing health threat of a global pandemic. Now more than

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Lee Hole

Developing student leadership and amplifying your voice

Recognise, trust and support young leaders and they will astound you every day. At my school, our Student Body President leads a team of approx. 70 students. In only a few short years, our student leadership program has become sustainable, high quality and influential across our region. This article, hopefully, provides provocation and advice around

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Golden Key Academy is a supportive space of online learning for career + life readiness. It's created and run by Golden Key International Honour Society.
Golden Key is the world's largest collegiate honor society for graduate and undergraduate students, and membership is by invitation to the top 15% of students.

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