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How to be a better leader

Leadership is a skill that can be developed by anyone willing to invest time and effort. Being an effective leader can positively impact those around you, whether in a professional setting, community organization, or even within your family. This self-help article will explore essential traits and strategies to help you cultivate your leadership abilities...

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How being an effective follower will enable being an effective leader

Whether you are an individual contributor, team member, manager, or the organization’s CEO or President, three competencies are essential for you and your organization to be successful. How you practice these competencies as a follower will dictate your leadership success. My doctoral qualitative study examined how managers perceive coaching their direct reports to performance...

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The mistakes great leaders never make

Leaders lead in diverse ways: authoritatively, collaboratively, aggressively, benevolently, and passively. Education and circumstances create leaders, and great leaders are defined by their learned traits and personal attributes. In this paper, I present the concept of leadership, the characteristics of a great leader, and why a great leader will never make three critical mistakes....