There is no question that there has been a dynamic shift in the job market since 2020, with businesses quickly adapting to a new landscape. Many of the changes have been positive, but others have presented significant challenges, such as grads needing more soft skills and a reluctance to work on-site, requiring new methods of recruiting graduates into the workforce.

There are a lot of benefits to hiring graduates, such as their enthusiasm, innovative ideas, and connection to a different generation. So, competition is fierce between companies wanting to snap up the best talent.

Here are some ways your business can connect and engage with top talent in today’s market:

  1. Communicate your purpose and values
    • Many people these days have shifted their values and priorities post-Covid and want to work for purpose-led businesses. This is a crucial factor many graduates seek out when deciding where they want to work.
    • Whether you’re broadcasting commitments to sustainability, investments in the community, or research, this lets prospective students know what you stand for and your beliefs and that they’re welcome and supported.
    • At Golden Key, we clearly articulate to our members that our purpose is to give them a world of opportunity, enabling them to further their education and training to achieve their professional goals. Our members clearly understand the value we provide by creating a global online community that supports and encourages them through our commitment to training, development, and career opportunities.
  2. Engage early and provide training opportunities
    • Alarming data from the July 2022 Women Rising report showed that 74% of respondents would leave their organization if their current employer did not invest in their career development.
    • At Golden Key, we constantly have feedback from our graduate members wanting help with integrating into the workforce and adapting to office environments after several years spent engaging purely online. In response, we developed specific themed training modules for these students to assist them in transitioning from study to the workforce.
    • Training and development are enormous priorities for employees, so look at ways to engage with students, offering them training that will benefit them when they join the workforce, such as developing soft skills, communication skills, and goal setting.
  3. Employee referrals and testimonials
    • Word of mouth is one of the most potent forms of marketing and is trusted by many. Students are very accustomed to using online reviews to help them make decisions. A previous State of Gen Z report showed that 68% of Gen Z read at least 3 reviews before making a first-time purchase decision. Students rely on reviews and recommendations from family and friends to help them form opinions and decisions rather than simply trusting what a brand tells them.

So, use your employees to help recruit new graduates to the business through a referral rewards program, meaningful testimonials, ideally in video format, inviting recent grads to speak at information sessions, and encouraging employees to endorse your business online, such as on their Linked In profiles.


Golden Key is one of the world’s oldest honors societies, with over 2.4 million members globally. Our members have all finished in the top 15% of their degrees and belong to an engaged online community continually looking for ways to grow their skills and seeking new opportunities to develop professionally and personally. www.goldenkey.org

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