FPD (Foundation for Professional Development) Courses

Get amazing discounts on continuous professional development courses through a top Private Higher Institution the Foundation for Professional Development.

FPDs academic programmes focus on management and professional development across Africa and has reached around 480 000 participants to date. To reduce barriers to quality education, the majority of students enrolled with FPD study at no or low cost. FPD has also organized 70 national and international conferences attended by more than 200 000 participants. During the coronavirus pandemic FPD supported the international COVID-19 response by developing numerous online courses that have been accessed by more than 40 000 participants since the lockdown was initiated. 

FPDs innovation focus includes demonstrating the art of the possible through pilot programmes especially around promoting models for universal health care. FPD established the 1st health sector think tank in Southern Africa focusing of HIV and pursues a robust research agenda funded through several NIH grants focusing on TB, STIs, new healthcare technology and mental health.  


FPDs has implemented several, large donor funded systems strengthening projects, in health, basic education and criminal justice. FPD health system strengthening project have supported the initiation of 770 000 people living with AIDS on lifesaving antiretroviral therapy and FPD has provided more than 12 million free HIV tests, improved access to services for survivors of sexual assault and supported literacy development

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