Leadership Development Week 2022


GK Leadership Development Week is now over for 2022. This was a program of webinars, workshops and networking sessions that were all designed to help you to build your leadership skills, network with other members and get inspired for the year ahead.  

Links to videos for all webinars and workshops can be found below.

Two of the webinars have accompanying materials:
Click here to access the paper for ‘Benefits of volunteer leadership’.
Click here to access the worksheet for ‘How people-pleasing is destroying your leadership capabilities’.

Time in EST (US East Coast)Time in AEDT (NSW, Australia)Time in CAT (South Africa)Monday 7th November 2022Tuesday 8th November 2022Wednesday 9th November 2022Thursday 10th November 2022Friday 11th November 2022
1:00AM5:00PM8:00AM Opening video address from Golden Key CEO Melissa Leitzell - WATCH THIS VIDEO
2:00 AM6:00PM9:00AM Webinar: The wheel of leadership with George Mihailides - WATCH THIS VIDEO Webinar: Understanding self in leadership with Mariam Riza - WATCH THIS VIDEO Networking roundtable #1 Webinar: How people pleasing is destroying your leadership capabilities with Toni Davis - WATCH THIS VIDEO
3:00 AM7:00PM10:00AM Workshop: How to run chapter events - WATCH THIS VIDEO
4:00AM8:00PM11:00AM Workshop: Hosting an NMRE - WATCH THIS VIDEO Networking roundtable #2
5:00AM9:00PM12:00PM Networking roundtable #3
8:00AM12:00AM3:00PM Networking roundtable #4
9:00AM1:00AM4:00PM Networking roundtable #5
10:00AM2:00AM5:00PM Webinar: Values-based leadership: Leading from the inside out with Joy Kaapu - WATCH THIS VIDEO Workshop: How to get more from your GK membership - WATCH THIS VIDEO Webinar: A neuroscience approach to developing future leaders with Dr. Andre Vermeulen - WATCH THIS VIDEO Networking roundtable #6 Webinar: Bringing new knowledge in fighting authenticity and accountability in the time of the Great Resignation with H.E. Prof. Dr. Tal Edgars - RESCHEDULED UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE
11:00AM3:00AM6:00PM Networking roundtable #7
12:00PM4:00AM7:00PM Webinar: Benefits of volunteer leadership with Elizabeth Ruiz - WATCH THIS VIDEO Workshop: Boosting social media for your chapter - WATCH THIS VIDEO Webinar: Four resilient and self-care strategies that will strengthen and re-energize you as a leader with Dr. Joshua Fredenburg - WATCH THIS VIDEO Networking roundtable #8 Webinar: Operation elevate: An introduction to personal branding for young leaders - WATCH THIS VIDEO
1:00PM5:00AM8:00PM Workshop: Introduction to Discord - WATCH THIS VIDEO
5:00PM9:00AM12:00AM Networking roundtable #9
6:00PM10:00AM1:00AM Networking roundtable #10 Closing video address from Golden Key CEO Melissa Leitzell - WATCH THIS VIDEO