Library of Templates and References Phase 3

Drama and Empowerment Triangle


Drama Triangle Diagnostic

Drama Triangle Diagnostic Answers 

Drama Triangle Pattern Recognition

Drama to Empowerment

Shift Overview Above the Line

Rescuer to Coach

Victim to Creator

Persecutor to Challenger


Non-Violent Communication

Detailed NVC Process

Life-Alienating Communication

Evaluation and Observation

Examples of Observations with and without Evaluations

Link to Practice Activity Observations with and without Evaluations.

Link to Practice Activity on Feelings and Non-Feelings

Link to List of Feeling Words when Needs Are and Are not Met

Link to List Basic Human Needs

Link to Identifying Basic Needs Practice Activity

Link to What is the Need being Expressed – Answers

Link to Practicing Activity Expressing Clear Requests



Link to Accountability – Introduction

Link to Accountability – Reflection Worksheet

Link to The Wizard of Oz

Accountability – A New Approach

Victim Cycle Self Reflection Survey

Accountability – Stepping Above the Line

See It – Self Assessment.

Own it – Self Assessment.

Solve it – Skills and Self Assessment.

Link to Building Ownership AND Accountability.

Link to The Six Sources of Influence.

The Six Sources – Designing the Shift

Link to Blame to Accountability .

Link to Blame Reflections and Activities

Link to Compassion Accountability Spectrum .


Setting Boundaries

Link to Examples of Boundaries

Link to Healthy Boundaries Self-Assessment

Link to What is within our Boundaries 

Link to Reflection on Personal Boundaries

Link to Reflection on Boundaries :Culture and Heritage

Link to Culture and Heritage Exercise Worksheet

Link to Calm Breath and Body MP3

Link to Calm Breath and Body Instructions

Link to Inner Awareness and Healing.

Link to Reframing Negative Thoughts

Link to “Shoulds” and Experiments

Link to Bill of Rights Prompts

Link to Goals and Boundaries Exercise

Link to Boundary Setting with Different Groups Workbook

Link to Planning what to Say

Link to Proportionate Consequences

Link to Engaging with Others


Signature presence

Link to Charisma, Gravitas and Personal Impact

Link to Charisma Star Diagnostic

Link to Readiness for Change MP3 Reflection

Link to Readiness for change

Link to Listening to the Body

Link to Metaphor Reality Method

Link to Building Self-Worth

Link to Letter to Younger Self

Link to Learning from Carers

Link to Creating a Colourful Future

Link to Activating the Driving Force

Link to Developing a Personal Mantra

Link to Triggering Positivity

Link to The Charisma Diagnostic

Link to Personal Brands – Examples

Link to Identify, Distil and Validate your Strengths

Link to Identify, Distil and Validate your Weaknesses

Link to Identify, Distil and Validate your Stressors

Link to Activation

Link to Identify, Distil and Validate your Values

Link to Passion Mapping

Link to Distil,  Validate and Activate Purpose Reflection

Link to Self-reflection Profile

Link to Brand Mantra Instructions

Link to Personal Elevator Pitch Framework

Personal Elevator Pitch Worksheet

Link to Small Talk Questions

Link to Networking Do’s and Don’ts’

Link to creating a Branded Bio


Wheel of Life

Link to The Wheel of Life Template

Link to The Wheel of Life Instructions



Link to Delegation Survey

Link to Delegator and Delegated

Link to Five ‘Ds’

Link to Skill/Will Matrix

Link to Coaching with the Skill/Will Matrix

Link to The HOW of Delegation

Link to Activity Log Template

Link to Reviewing the Completed Activity Log

Link to Procrastination Quiz

Link to Urgency/Importance Principle

Link to Delegated Meeting Process

Link to Delegated Meeting Process Cards


Three Ego States

Link to Ego States Explained

Link to Ego States Reflection Worksheet.

Link to Ego State Review Exercises

Link to Ego State Interactions

Link to Working with Strokes

Link to Time Structuring

Link to Time Structuring Activity Instructions

Link to Life Positions

Link to Steps to Autonomy.