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4 things you should know about moving from being a graduate to an employee

man standing beside another sitting man using computer

As I write this article I am taken aback, thinking about a time when I had just graduated and looking forward to working and sharing the knowledge I have learned over my years of learning. There is a lot that I have had to learn and unlearn in the process of getting for work. 

Corporate space or a work space whether big or small requires so much of you, it requires dedication, time, investment and skills. And this is not something you learn on your first day of work but it is learned over time. However you can still prepare yourself to be ready for the work environment. 

 So how does one prepare to be ready for a professional work environment? Here are four things that I have gathered over my almost seven years or working:

  • Learn as much as you can about the industry you are entering: Now that you have your qualification, it’s also very important to keep abreast of industry news. Read the newspaper, buy your industry related magazine, listen to the news, not only does this equip with the necessary knowledge but it also advances you in your career, it allows you to add value to the company.
  • Have a teachable spirit: have you heard when people say we never stop learning? Well, that is actually very true. No matter how much you think you know always be open to learning. In the real world of work things are not always as straightforward as in the textbook, so being open to learning will help you better apply what you have learned and studied over the years. Ask questions, sometimes even if you know the answer just to hear some else’s perspective and see if that won’t teach you even more.
  •  Develop soft skills: Your character plays a very important role in the workplace. Have a team player attitude, ensure that your work ethic is on par, have growth mindset and very importantly have an open mind to feedback. These skills are needed in order to blend in to the culture of the company you are working for. 
  • Don’t forget to have fun: Work can be stressful and you need to adjust to the stress levels, however always find time to laugh a little, share a joke, share a smile, and have fun while learning. Remember this is not just your job but your career and you want to make as many positive memories as possible.

There are many other techniques for work readiness, however I have personally applied these ones and I can say that I grow daily in my career.  Now go forth and be great in the work that you do. 

All the best! 

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