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  • For all people passionate about writing in all its robust, gritty, fiery, and beautiful forms. Discuss how to use writing to convey powerful messages in our personal and professional lives. Interact with writers of all backgrounds to give and receive advice. Share how writing changes perspective, encourages critical thinking, and deeper insight. Content, context, syntax, and audience - all vital components of great writing.
Psychology & Coaching
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  • To connect with others passionate about psychology & coaching
Students 40+
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  • Support & community for students 40+
Python Networking Alliance
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  • Looking to network passionate programmers. Skills in python or other languages are welcome. Project requests can also be posted here, for example a simple automation tool or website design. Payment can be organised between the two parties through agreed medium. Those who wish to fulfill project requests will need to provide works they have curated/contributed to, and have them approved by a group admin.
Software Innovation
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  • Any once can join this group for software innovation. Build the universe with the innovation in the software industry. contact me on dilipsutariya07@gmail.com or on my mobile: +61427590809
Marthea Turner Caldwell
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  • Stop Gun Violence, breaking barriers between communities and first time responders.
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  • Still why
Life Skills
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Workplace Readiness
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