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I don’t know about you, but I’m in this stage of life where I constantly try to figure out this adulting thing. I sometimes feel like a child even though I am fast approaching the big 30. I observe this as a common theme when talking to other millennials. We are constantly plagued with the idea that we should have it all figured out by now and that we are somehow behind other peers in our age bracket.

Social media apps contribute heavily to these thoughts because we are constantly viewing the lives of others, such as childhood friends, celebrities, or TikTok influencers. We see people our age having children, getting married, buying property, investing in stocks, building their careers, and seemingly having their life together. This can cause anxiety, stress, and an overwhelming sense of mental exhaustion. This is why some refer to millennials as the Burnout Generation.

I have struggled with a burnout in my work as a registered nurse, especially in the post-COVID-19 American healthcare system. In talking to my therapist, she frequently recommends the importance of routine and organization in daily life to combat anxiety and feelings of burnout.

Having a routine and goals for your day to be productive is important. I find that productivity combats feelings of failure and negative thoughts that tend to arise when I’m idle. This is not to say that you can’t have a self-care day or rest day, but I find that even on those days, it’s vital to have clear goals that you want to accomplish throughout the day.

For example, it is better to say today, I’m going to make a healthy breakfast, get my nails done, exercise for thirty minutes, and do some journaling because, in this sense, you will feel productive and accomplished once attaining those goals.

On the other hand, if you make no goals and instead just lay in bed all day while watching tv and sleeping, you may feel that you were not productive. This can cause feelings of disappointment and other negative self-thoughts.

To keep myself productive and successful with my goals, I have used some tools, such as finance applications, guided journals, and daily planners. These tools are essential in developing and understanding my goals while also ensuring I’m financially prepared to attain these goals in life.

Guided journals usually have for daily writing, which helps me to focus on self-awareness while also encouraging me to prioritize my emotional well-being. Daily planners have allowed me to be organized with activities and develop daily habits which facilitate productivity. Finance applications will enable me to budget my finances, including investments, personal income, and debt.

Many suitable finance applications can be a great resource in one’s financial journey. One of my favorite resources is Truebill. This finance app lets me connect my banking information and investments to see my spending habits. I can categorize all my transactions and see all my monthly or recurrent payments.

When I first started using this application, I couldn’t believe how much I spent monthly on some subscriptions that I had forgotten about, such as Walmart Beauty Box, Hulu, and Amazon prime. One con I noted in this application was that my banking account was frequently disconnected in the app, and I would have to sign back into the account to reestablish a connection.

Aside from this glitch, this financial resource has benefited me in my budgeting goals. Another application that I use is YNAB (You Need A Budget). YNAB, like Truebill, allows me to see my financial habits. However, I can also budget my money to allocate immediate, short-term, and long-term goal categories specifically.

Robinhood is another resource that has helped me with beginner investments in stock and cryptocurrency. Investing in stock and cryptocurrency is easier with this application than other investment platforms I have tried. Robinhood also has videos and articles loaded with tips and helpful information for success in one’s financial journey. There are many more personal finance applications that can be beneficial. Still, it’s crucial to discover and find what works best for your individual goals and needs.

Although all these different tools can be beneficial for being productive in life and accomplishing the goals you wish to achieve, it is essential to be consistent. I struggle with consistency in staying organized with my daily goals and routine. It is important to hold yourself accountable for doing the necessary work to achieve your goals and live a life without the weight of burnout or mental exhaustion.

I believe this is the essence of adulting, having the self-awareness to understand what you want out of life. These personality traits can prevent achieving those goals and doing the work to overcome them. It is also important to celebrate yourself and the attributes you have that will lead to success in achieving your goals in life. Millennials don’t have to be the BurnoutGeneration.

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