Level 2 Library of Templates and references

Level 2 Library of Templates and references.

Learning Preferences Inventory.

Sources and Constructs Underpinning NLP

Communication Considerations within NLP


Rapport Building



Audio experience of Positive Reframing

Personal Trust Reflection Activity

Dilemma of the Trust Game

Neurology of Trust

The 6 Character Elements of Trust

Emotional Bank Account

Reflection Activity Template: Unpacking our Threat Responses

Presencing and the U-Process

4 levels of listening engaged in Theory U

U-Process Listening Activity

Nancy Kline’s story

The Principles of ‘Time to Think’

Practice Activities in Time to Think

Framework for Generative Speaking

pros and cons of each

Advertisement from the 1950s

Case Study

The Marshmallow Experiment

Activating Optimal Motivation

Rebalancing the Johari Window

Johari Window

Completing the Johari Window using Adjective List

Instructions for Completing the Johari Window

Completing the Johari Window using How Self Aware Are You? Questionnaire

Stages of Growth

Balcony AND Dance

Balcony AND Dance : Practices to Build the Skill

Change Curve


Immunity to Change

Change Readiness

EQ Explained

Amygdala Hijack

Emotional Awareness Self Reflection and Emotion Meter

Emotional Recognition

Working with Emotional Equations

Emotional Elevator

Emotional Recognition Reference Sheet

Emotional Regulation

Future Narrative

EQ Personal Reflection

Reading emotions in others

Unvcovering Beliefs about Emotions

Emotional Literarcy Measurement & Explanation

Emotional Literacy Questionnaire

PPT Slides for EQ Module

Emotional Language Listing

Emotional Pain Release Method 1

Emotional Pain Release Method 2

Emotional Pain Release of overwhelm or anxiety

TED Talk by Tiffany Watt

Our Insight into the Values of Others

Values Reflection

Creating the Values

Link to Embedding Values Practically

Transforming Limiting into Empowering Beliefs

Values Judgements

Empathy Picture Activity

Care Package Activity

Empathy Distress Reflection

Trading Places Reflection Activity

Empathy Bingo  

Random Acts of Kindness 

Empathetic Questions and Statements

The Iceberg Metaphor Overview

Cope with life’s challenges

The Human Needs Inventory

The Iceberg Coaching Pack

Stages of Human Development

Resilience and Change Readiness

Learning from Prior Adversity

Building Blocks of Personal Resilience

Building Blocks of Personal Resilience

Personal Resilience Questionnaire

Debriefing the Personal Resilience Questionnaire

Part 1 Overview of Stress, Relaxation Response, and Wellbeing

Dynamic Mind Practice

Part 2 – Explanation of the Dynamic Mind Practice

Parts 1 and 2 – Stress, Relaxation Response and Wellbeing Explanations

The First Agreement

The Power of the Word

The Second Agreement

The Third Agreement

The Fourth Agreement

The Six Focuses of Truth for Awareness

Agreements of Projection

Documenting your Book of Law

The Judge and its Ways

The Victim and its Impact

Challenging the Book of Law

Pressure Performance Relationship

Masculine/Feminine Balance 

Energy Management for Performance 

Energy Management for Performance Work-pages

Resource Pack for Balancing Energy

The Great Disappearing Technique

Reflection on Application of Knowledge and Skills


The Four Types of Diversity

Diversity Parameters Activity

Activities for Raising Bias Awareness

Types of Unconscious Bias Presentation

SPACE(x)2 Model – Overview of the 6 Strategies

A Preacher,Prosecutor, Politician, and Scientist walk into your brain

Attachment and Detachment

Exploring Values Conflicts

Exploring Values Conflicts

Mentee Assessment Elements

Mentee Assessment Survey

Mentee Assessment Scoring