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If college is a consideration, don’t delay

Statistics show that the primary interest for pursuing higher education is the expectation that degree attainment will improve job prospects. Students represent valuable assets to be leveraged by organizations given the knowledge and experience acquired, and recent graduates can influence and improve existing processes upon being hired.  Indeed, college serves a societal function for a strong...

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Developing an eLearning framework during the pandemic to improve learner accessibility of the media arts

I would like to share insights into how I addressed a media arts curriculum’s instructional design and development problem that needed an eLearning framework since the pandemic hit. With the educational stage being reset in response to the Covid-19 pandemic, the groundwork of education has changed, relying heavily on eLearning and the need for...

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Navigating an Ed.D. program

Are you interested in getting into an educational doctoral program but just aren’t sure how? The process itself is straightforward! What you read about a program is literally what you get. What often confuses potential candidates from applying is the unknown of “once-I’m-in, what-happens-next?” and the “I’m going to write a 100+ dissertation?!”   As...