Lesson 6: How to get the best deal for you

You’ve been offered your dream job and now you need to sign the all important contract. This lesson will address how to negotiate the perfect contract. What to look out for, benefits on offer, salary, holidays, non compete clauses, probationary periods, and training. Ariana will also cover your first day on the job and...


Lesson 5: Interview techniques

So your CV and cover letter did the trick and you have a job interview. This module will offer you guidance on how to prep for the interview. How to calm your nerves, and highlights how practice makes perfect when if comes to nailing those all important interview questions. Ariana will address how to...


Lesson 4: Cover letters 101

In this module Ariana will discuss the all important cover letter. Cover letters are a perfect opportunity for the applicant to showcase their passion for the company to which they are applying. This is a test of your research skills, your desire to work there and a way to let your personality shine. Cover...


Lesson 3: LinkedIn profiles that pop

This module will highlight the importance of having a killer LinkedIn profile. Ariana will cover how to grow your network, how to create the perfect online CV, business pages, engagement, content, posts, recommendations and more.   This is the worksheet for this lesson: Worksheet 3 [ For help completing this worksheet, click here to...


Lesson 2: How to craft the perfect CV

This 10 step guide will help you to create a perfect CV that best represents you and your achievements to date. This module will show you how your CV is a living, breathing document that needs to be regularly updated throughout the year. Ariana will discuss layout, format, templates, length, sections, tenses, language, and...

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Three pieces of advice to help you succeed in your career

I was first inducted into Golden Key in 1989. I was in my final year of college and preparing to enter the job market. In 2019, I was inducted again into Golden Key after finishing a master’s in education. In those thirty years, I worked in state government, the U.S. Federal government, a couple...


How networking can help you achieve your goals

Networking is one of those words that could send a shiver down the spine of many, while for others it is something they enjoy and love to do – much the befuddlement of many. Love or loathe it, networking is undoubtedly a golden key in helping you achieve success in your career. For students...

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What no one tells you about career development

So you have worked hard and managed to complete your studies and have secured your first job. Obviously, the next step is to master the corporate game and land your dream job after working your way up through hard work and dedication. Once you are settled, you start to realise that building your career...